Monster Hunter Rise Somnacanth Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Somnacanth Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Somnacanth Guide will show you how to defeat Somnacanth in the game. Somnacanth is a unique monster in the sense that it produces a sleep-inducing powder that has a drowsy effect on the player.

The monster also has powerful attacks that it will not hesitate to use against you in the battle.

Monster Hunter Rise Somnacanth Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Somnacanth in the game.

How to Beat Somnacanth

When you first face this monster, it will rely on its jump attack to lunge at you when you are some distance from the monster. In this attack, the monster leaps in the air after a short charge and then lands on you. The attack is pretty quick after its initial animation begins, which can catch you off guard if you are moving around with a heavy weapon, or are late in anticipation.

Another one of its damage dealing attacks is when the monster will slither in front for a quick attack. This is indicated by the monster laying close to the ground and slithering at you quickly.

But the Somnacanth is also good at breathing sleeping powder on you. If you get caught in this attack, your character will have a drowsy effect on itself. While not impossible to evade this attack, it is best to have something that can negate this effect, allowing you to continue with your attacks effectively.

Occasionally, the Somnacanth will turn over and lay on its back, trying to pry open a shell. This move has multiple results that can either be self-healing of the monster, to an explosion in a radius around it. Either way, you have to be quick on your feet whether it is to evade this attack or to quickly disrupt the monster’s healing.

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