Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Guide will show you how to beat this monster in the new game. Nargacuga is a fierce and quick monster that has the advantage of speed in its attacks.

The Nargacuga has a few weak points on its body, while you can also break the parts on this monster to make it vulnerable.

Monster Hunter Rise Nargacuga Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Nargacuga in the game.

How to Beat Nargacuga

Before you step into the battle, it is best to bring Bleed Resistance equipment with you. This is because the monster’s tail is fixed with spines that can have a bleed effect on your character.

In the fight itself, you should focus on breaking the parts of this monster to make it weak. You can start off by focusing on its wing blade that it has on its leg. You can increase your chances of breaking this part off with a Blastoad or rely on your heavy attacks if you want. The weak point on this monster is its head, which will take significant damage if you can combo with your attacks.

Nargacuga will jump at you in one of its attacks, which you will have to dodge in either direction to avoid being hit. An indication of this attack is the tail swing it does just before jumping.

The other attack, which is also pretty powerful, is with the use of the spines on its tail. Nargacuga uses the tail to hit you with the spines, where if they hit you will cause bleeding. This is where Bleed Resistance equipment will come in pretty handy. When the monster starts to spin quickly, you need to back off as much as you can or you will be knocked back.

The last variant of attack this monster possesses is the tail slam. The initial animation will have the monster raise its tail and then hit the ground for heavy damage. Before the tail is raised, the monster turns its body, which is an indication for you to steer clear of this attack to avoid it completely.

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