Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Guide – How to Beat, Tips, Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Guide will show you how to defeat Magnamalo, the new fearsome monster that you might have encountered in the demo as well. Magnamalo comes with a new Blight called Hellfireblight which can be seen on the monster as well.

The thing that makes it tricky to beat this monster is that it is always on the move while dealing with devastating attacks on you when up close. Its tail whip is among other attacks that can take you down in a couple of hits. Furthermore, the more you deal damage to this monster, the angrier it gets with its attacks and moves, avoiding all opportunities you can get to find an opening.

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Guide

Now let’s take a look at how you can beat this monster in the most effective way. We will show you how you can use its own attacks against it, while also slowing it down once it gets in the mood to move all around the place.

How to Beat Magnamalo

Before you decide to take on this monster, make sure you have prepared yourself with the items required to help you beat this monster. The fight also has a time period in which you have to defeat the boss, where the time given is 15 minutes. So you can guess how effective you have to be with your attacks and have a good strategy in taking it down before the time period ends.

Just before you face this monster, you can load up on Endemic life that will aid you massively in the battle. Items like the Blast Toads, Traps, and Thunder Beetle all help you to deal a good amount of damage to the monster. All of these items can be found just before you engage in the fight, but don’t waste a lot of time looking to get more than the time allows you to.

Once you face the monster, his ferocious attacks will instantly greet you in this battle. His tail whip is one of the most dangerous attacks he has and can take you down with a few hits. However, the best way to take down this monster is to use its Hellfireblight against it. Much like Blastblight, it gets applied to you and explodes if you fail to shake it off from yourself by rolling. You can, however, wirebug Dash to leave it behind to explode when Magnamalo comes in contact with it.

With this, you can effectively leave the flaming orb in a place the monster is sure to collide with it. Once it hits the orb, it knocks down the monster giving you a window to attack the monster as much as you can.

With this strategy, you can basically understand how the best way to take down this monster is to either knock it down or have it slowed down in a place where you can constantly attack it. Much like the flaming orbs of the Hellfireblight, Blast Toads work the same way in knocking down the monster. On the other hand, traps will stick the monster in one place which is also another great way to deal damage, even if the monster is actively producing its own attacks.

Moving on to the weaknesses of this monster, any purple flaming part you see is a weak point of the monster. This means that attack these parts when the monster is knocked out or when you find any other opening guarantees the most damage you can deal with your attacks.

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