Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Guide will show you how you can beat Goss Harag in the game, which comes with its ability to breathe out cold air and produce a sharp icy blade on either of its arms to use as a weapon.

However, the Boss Harag has a lot of other melee attacks it relies on in the early stages of the battle. This includes its arm swings to the sides, while its leaping attack and smash with a punch are one of the powerful attacks it has in store for players.

Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Goss Harag in the game, what its weaknesses are and what attacks it will use against you.

How to Beat Goss Harag

In the first stages of the fight, Goss Harag will rely on melee attacks which it uses with its arms. One of the early attacks will be its arm swings from one side to the other, mainly to catch any player that tries to attack it from behind or its side. If the player decides to have some spaces between the two, Goss Harag will quickly leap in front of you and smash with a skull-crunching punch. This attack is pretty quick and something players will have to look out for whenever the monster is ready to launch.

Occasionally, the monster will dig up ice blocks or rocks from the ground and throw them at you. This attack can easily be dodged in either direction but is an indication that the monster is more than powerful with its range attacks. This also means that you are far better at being closer to the monster and always moving in order to evade its attacks.

The battle becomes interesting when the monster first breathes out a blue ice attack in front of it, then from left to right, finally blowing on its arm to produce its sharp ice blade for a weapon. Though the fighting style remains mostly the same, the blade brings added danger to you with its slicing attack. Your focus in this stage is to attack the icy blade to break it. This will significantly weaken the boss and will force it to flee and reset itself.

In the second stage of the fight, Goss Harag becomes fiercer with its attack and will be more belligerent with its attacks. The monster will also produce two blades this time on both its arms to add bring another attacking mechanism.

Your focus in the fight is to get behind the monster and hit its back with combo attacks. If you are lucky, you can sneak in a heavy attack on the monster’s head which is also its weak point. However, this can mostly be countered by the monster as your heavy attack in the combo will always be slower than the reaction time of the monster. If you fail to hit the final attack in the combo, you will mostly find yourself knocked by the boss before your hit even lands.


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