Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for Starters

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner's Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide we will share some tips and tricks for you that will help you start your monster hunter journey in Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise is the newest Monster Hunter title and it is now available for Nintendo Switch only however it brings tons of new monsters for you to find and fight along with plenty of new mechanics to understand before you can be a good monster. This is where this new guide will come in handy and help you become the best monster hunter in the game.

Beginner’s Guide – Monster Hunter Rise

Our Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know about starting Monster Hunter Rise for the very first time.

Always Have a Meal Before Departing on a Quest

Probably one of my favorite mechanics of all Monster Hunter titles, make sure that always have a meal before you leave on a battle, research, or an expedition. Meals are the best way of multiple stat boosts and one decent meal will be enough for the entirety of a mission unless you pass out too many times. Before departing on a mission, you must always make it a habit that you visit the chef and choose the best stat-boosting meal for yourself and your companions.

Try to Complete the Story First

While it may be hard for you to do it right at the start, but you must first try to play as many story missions as possible because they not only introduce you to all of the in-game mechanics but will also unlock all of the areas and activities for you once you complete their respective missions. You can revisit all of the locations later and conduct research, fight monsters, and complete activities later without any problems.

However, if you want to fight the final monsters in the game with the best available gear in the game, then you will need to grind some missions for monster parts in order to craft the required gear. It eventually falls down on your own playstyle ultimately but if you are missing some activities and features of the game, make sure that you progress in the main story to unlock them first and then take a break from the main story to complete these side quests and missions.

Weapon Upgrades are Essential

While you will be using your desired weapon in the game mostly, it is important that you look after that weapon as well. Apart from using the Whetstone to keep it sharp, you will also need to upgrade your weapon to make it more powerful. For upgrades, you will need the right materials so make sure that you do a little bit of grinding as well for these materials because the better your weapon, the more effective it will be in combat and you will be able to use it more effectively in the game.

Make Trips Shorter by Riding your Palamute

In Monster Hunter Rise, you not only have your trusty Palico, but you also have a new companion to assist you in the game known as Palamutes. Palamutes are something like big dogs that will allow you to ride them for quicker transport around the maps and even assist you in combat by attacking the monsters. Probably, their most effective use is to ride them and reach your goals quickly.

The maps in Monster Hunter Rise are more treacherous and consists of areas blocked by huge rocks and mountains so you will often need to go around them to access areas ahead. In such spots, your Palamutes will come in handy as you can ride them and they will help you bypass obstacles or take longer routes quickly. They are excellent for chasing after flying and escaping monsters as well so make sure that you are using your Palamutes outside of combat as well because this is where they really shine.

Ride Monsters Every Time You Can

For some reason, riding monsters is really easy in Monster Hunter Rise and I found myself riding them a lot more in Monster Hunter Rise than any other Monster Hunter title that I have played. So keeping this in mind, make sure that you always ride the monsters whenever you find the opportunity. You can ride monsters and use them to deal damage to other monsters in the arena or even attack the one that you are riding at the moment. The new Wirebugs come in really handy for this as well. We have detailed Wirebug further below in this guide or you can also check out our dedicated Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide as well.

Get Comfortable with Using Wirebug

One of the new mechanics introduced in Monster Hunter Rise is the Wirebug and it is an important mechanic for moving around and in certain cases, can be used as a weapon as well. You must get comfortable with using the Wirebug as soon as possible in the game because it will help you out in various scenarios. You can expand your use of Wirebug once you are comfortable with its basic use.

You can use it for reaching higher terrains, hard-to-reach areas, going up the monsters, dodging enemy attacks, and as a weapon. Depending on how creative you are with it, you can even use it for many other things as well. You can use it for moving around by pressing ZL and then shooting it with ZR. For its amazing Silkbind Attack, you can press the ZL button and then tap either A or B. Make sure your primary weapon is sheathed for using the Wirebug as a weapon.

However, you only get limited use of the Wirebug and you only have two slots for it. Make sure that you are not just spamming it and use it only for strategies and when you really need to use it like when you are low on health and want to get away from the monster for a quick sip of Mega Potion. You sometimes will find refills for it but if you don’t, you only have two uses for it during combat so make sure that you are using it absolutely when you really need to use it.

Cancel Potion Animation if A Monster is Charging

Every time when you get away from a monster to sip on your health potions, chances are that the monster is getting ready to close the distance between itself and you with a powerful charge attack if its aggro is still on you. Make sure that your camera has the monster in its view at all times. Start sipping the potions and if you see the monster charging at you, you can easily cancel the final sipping animation which grants the bonus of 30% health at the end.

If a monster begins chasing, I am sure that you would prefer keeping the 70% health it gave you rather than risking all the new health for that final 30% so if you see a monster charging at you, cancel the animation and get ready to counter the incoming attack. You can also dodge out of the way of the incoming charge if you do not want to counter it and quickly attack the monster when it zooms past you.

Pick up Supply Items

Similar to previous Monster Hunter titles, every time you begin a quest, you will find a supply chest at your starting location with some starting supply items related to your quest. While you might come prepared with a default stock of supplies, it is always worthwhile to check the supply items as you might find something that can massively assist you in the new quest. You will always find these supply items at the start of every quest in the game.

Pick Up Endemic Life

While useful before as well, Monster Hunter Rise makes Endemic Life even more important because this time around, you will get stat boosts as well. While they may be random, you will get different boosts such as attack boost, defense boost, and more when you pick up Endemic Life. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it and always pick it up while you are out on your quests for helpful boosts.

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This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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