Farming Adventure Game Monster Harvest Delayed into July

Monster Harvest Delayed

Merge Games and developer Maple Powered Games have announced that their upcoming title Monster Harvest has been delayed into July from its previously announced June 2021 release date. The game will now release a month later in July however this is not just an ordinary delay as the developer wants to make it juicier with more content before its final release so they need another month to make sure that all the new content fits perfectly in the game without any bugs or glitches.

Detailing in the official press release, Merge Games and Maple Powered Games said:

So, whilst we’re very sorry to delay your trip to Planimal Point, we’re very excited to bring you a game with some fantastic additions on release!

There’s a bunch of new things to look forward to including;

  • Dungeon Minimap
  • Variant dungeon rooms with some rare and unique encounters
  • Unlockable Planimal attacks
  • More crop variations
  • New additions to the town and an overhaul of NPC’s and relationships
  • Farm size expanded
  • More structured goals and rewards for completing certain milestones in-game
  • New female character model

We’re very excited to deliver an even bigger game and welcome you to join us on July 8th!

Personally, I respect their decision in delaying Monster Harvest for the sake of adding more content into the game. At least they are worried about their product being as final and loaded with content more than some of the AAA developers who charge the full amount for half-baked titles. A delay is always good than a rushed, buggy release as CD Projekt Red has though the entire video game industry in 2020.

Monster Harvest Delayed

Accompanying the digital release on July 8, 2021, the publisher is also aiming for a physical release of the title which is slated for July 20, 2021, in North America and July 23, 2021, in Europe. The digital version will release on all platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam while the physical release is exclusive to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Are you looking forward to playing Monster Harvest and what do you think about the game getting delayed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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