Gravity-Bending 3D Adventure Molly Medusa Gets Release Date

Molly Medusa Release Date

Solo game developer Niklas Hallin and Burning Planet have announced the release date of their upcoming gravity-bending 3D adventure game Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit. Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit is slated for April 20, 2023, exclusively on Nintendo Switch and the game has received a brand-new trailer as well which is much more detailed than the previously released teaser trailers for the game. Check it out below before we dive into additional details about Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit:

The new release date trailer for Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit showcases actual gameplay, story elements, and gameplay featuring puzzle solving, exploration, and turning everything into stone. Considering the fact that Molly is a Medusa, everything that looks at her is turned into a stone and that is a big problem for her. However, sometimes, she uses her ability to solve different puzzles as well. In the game, you will travel through the Minotaur’s Labyrinthine Lair called Bull of Justice.

Gravity plays a major role in the game and you will travel through various iconic locations such as Underworld rivers, the owl-haunted halls of Minerva, the opulent palace of long fingers, and plenty more references. In Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit, up is down, and down is up as you will manipulate gravity for your own advantage. On your path to retribution for getting rid of a cruel curse, you will stop at nothing that comes your way.

Niklas Hallin, the game’s creator comments:

We glean a galatëan dream, a sculptor’s great ambition, its stone face so unfazed, with tender tendons trapped in time, and garbled marble muscles still as stone. Stone, stone, stone! Poor Molly, all your friends are stone!

If that made sense to you, then you should also know that Burning Planet is the one responsible for the heavy metal soundtrack featured in Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit. Burning Planet Music started back in 2005 as a music production company for video games however it has now expanded into a game publisher as well under the name of Burning Planet Digital. Burning Planet is not only providing the soundtrack for the game but is also assisting the developer in publishing this amazing title.

Molly Medusa Release Date

Additional details about Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit will be released closer to the game’s launch however now we know that we do not have to wait too long to play the game. As of now, the game is only announced for a Nintendo Switch launch on April 20, 2023. Additional platforms might be announced closer to launch however we do not have any information on that as of now.

What are your thoughts on the new release date trailer for Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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