Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale Rumored to be Releasing Next Month

Modern Warfare Warzone

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is apparently going to bring in its own version of battle royale mode into the game. The game’s battle royale is rumored to be called Warzone, where a twitter user discovered the mode from the game’s menu.

According to VideoGamesChronicles, Warzone will be launching sometime early in March. The report also suggests that the battle royale mode will be released as a standalone game for free, with the option for you to purchase an upgrade to get the full Modern Warfare game. It will also feature a typical progression system like other battle royale games, coming with a battle pass, and cosmetic rewards as you progress within its tiers.

The report also gave out additional details saying that Warzone will support 200 players in a match. The players will be playing as squads and in a map that will be slightly similar to the Ground War mode map. The currency in Warzone will be called Plunder that works in an interesting way where it not only allows you to buy gear, but it can also be looted from you if you are downed. The more Plunder you have, the bigger of a target you will be, as the game will notify other players of your riches.

Upon dying, you return to a “Gulag” where you have to fight 1v1 against another player. The victor will then be able to rejoin the match.

It will be welcoming news for many players if Warzone is available for free as a standalone game. Especially considering that the previous battle royale mode Blackout required you to purchase the full game Black Ops 4.

Last week, Modern Warfare started of its Season 2 that saw the addition of a new battle pass, and the return of its Ghost operator.

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