MLB Perfect Inning 2022 New Global Update Brings New Content to the Game

MLB Perfect Inning 2022 Update

Com2uS Holdings has announced the release of the latest global update for MLB Perfect Inning 2022 which brings new content to the mobile game. The latest update brings content that is aligned with the latest MLB rule for 2022 along with a celebratory player log-in event.

Additional details about the new update are detailed below:

New Rule Changes – This update will bring various changes to the game for the 2022 MLB season. In line with the new rule changes for 2022, the postseason events will now feature 12 teams instead of 10. Additionally, the recently implemented “designated hitter rule” for the National League will also make its way into the game, giving players a better sense of immersion. Perfect Inning will also receive a fresh coat of paint in the form of new in-game images to celebrate the start of the 2022 season.

7-Day Login Event – Starting today until May 26, players can participate in a “7-Day Login Event” and earn up to seven rewards by logging into the game every day, which include an “SE Prime Legend Draft” and an “SE Legend Draft.” Logging in for 7 days straight will net players a “My Team Monster Draft” as a bonus, which activates a special skill that lowers the opponent’s stats and helps players gain the upper hand.

The developer has also shared the updated draft possibilities list which will be functional from May 18, 2022. Make sure that you check it out as well. Last year in June, the game also held its Special All-Star Events along with the mainstream MLB 9 Innings title. MLB Perfect Inning 2022 is currently available for free on iOS and Android devices so if you want to jump in the game to try out the new content, you can do so right now.

Are you looking forward to playing MLB Perfect Inning 2022 to try out the new content released in the latest update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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