MINTROCKET, Developer Behind DAVE THE DIVER, Reveals New Game Wakerunners

MINTROCKET Wakerunners

Developer MINTROCKET has announced their next project Wakerunners with a fancy teaser and a demo is coming out next month at the Steam Next Fest. MINTROCKET’s previous release DAVE THE DIVER was a surprise hit with the title managing to sell millions of copies. With their next release, the developer is changing its direction as Wakerunners is a top-down team battle game.

The developer has released the very first teaser trailer for Wakerunners as well which showcases the game’s unique shooting mechanics. Check it out below:

Wakerunners was originally announced back in May 2022 under the code name Project TB and it follows the structure of a 4v4 and 5v5 action game. It is set in a dystopian sci-fi future where a ravaged Earth is the site of skirmishes between surviving factions. The gameplay is fast and favors close-quarters combat as combatants glide across battle arenas at high speeds using a unique acceleration and deceleration mechanic.

MINTROCKET Wakerunners

Players will have a variety of characters to choose from and each character will offer unique abilities, personas, and battle styles. You will also have the ability to swap characters mid-battle if you are not happy with your initial choice or strategically use a different character to gain an advantage over the opposition. The upcoming demo will offer five different game modes and seven playable characters. The game modes will include Team Deathmatch Mode, Raider Mode, Control Conquest Mode, Command Siege Mode, and Escort Mode.

MINTROCKET Wakerunners

MINTROCKET has announced that players will be able to try out a playable demo of Wakerunners in the upcoming Steam Next Fest in February. The detailed schedule of the demo will be announced later. If you are interested in the game, a Steam page for it is now live where you can add it to your wishlist to stay updated on all future updates. As of now, only a PC release via Steam of Wakerunners has been announced.

What are your thoughts on Wakerunners, and would you be interested in playing it when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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