Mini Review – Sixth Extinction – A Simple Puzzle Game with a Deep Message

Review - Sixth Extinction

Sometimes the smallest things in the world make the most impact and this is what I can easily say about Sixth Extinction. Sixth Extinction is a game by Polte Games and it might seem like a simple puzzle game however it comes with a pretty deep meaning, one that is hidden in the entire game extremely well. If you are clever, the name might give you a little bit of a hint about what the game is however my review below is free of spoilers and I have tried my best to not spoil anything about the ending of the game. This is our review of Sixth Extinction in which we solve some cool puzzles and unlock a well-hidden bitter truth of reality.

The gameplay of Sixth Extinction involves you moving around a grid-based puzzle where you must complete the requirements before the end is unlocked for you. As you progress in the levels, the requirements change and some of the puzzles in between are completely different from the overall formula of the game as well. You are represented by a paw that moves around with the directional keys collecting different collectibles in order to unlock the exit. Some of the puzzles require you to solve simple analytical questions as well which will make you scratch your head if you are not good at solving analytical questions.

Review - Sixth Extinction

Still, the puzzles are not that hard in the game and if you focus on them, you can easily solve them without much problem. The game is really chilled out and does not even force you to complete the puzzles. If you get stuck, a skip button pops up after some time and you can simply just skip the puzzle and move on to the next puzzle without any penalty. However, I will highly recommend that you try to complete the puzzles as it is really satisfying to complete all of the puzzles in the game and reach the ending of the title like it is supposed to be. Once you have completed a level, you are presented with a cutscene that narrates the story of the game.

Obviously, the narration is not instantly clear, and to really figure out what is happening in the game, you have to reach the ending of the title. Once you have finally unlocked the ending, everything from the start of the game starts to make sense and the revelation is just mind-boggling. What appears to be alien from the start of the title becomes extremely familiar and I absolutely loved the feeling. The narration is really powerful in the game and leaves a deep impact. The ending sticks to your mind for a decent amount of time as well.

The art style of Sixth Extinction is really unique and something that keeps you going all the way to the end. It is really unique when compared to other titles in the same genre. One main thing that you notice right away is that the game still holds its mobile UI and looks like a mobile game on a PC as well. While this might be upsetting for a lot of gamers looking for a full resolution screen, the gameplay is the same and it plays pretty smoothly with the keyboard. I was a little skeptical about the UI at the start as well however once I cleared a few levels in the game, I barely even noticed it later.

Sixth Extinction is however not a very long game. Depending on your skill with the puzzles and how quickly you can complete them, you can easily complete the game within an hour. The puzzles normally do not take a lot of time even if you get stuck on them. Once you figure out the solution, the puzzles are extremely easy to complete and you will not take too long with the level. Since the game is short and fun to play, there is a high replayability factor as well and if you have some time to kill, you can certainly jump back in the game for a quick playthrough. For what the game is priced at, you get a good hour of puzzles and an excellent narrative story with a powerful ending.

Final Verdict:

Sixth Extinction is a simple puzzle game and it does seem so until you reach the ending of the title where it leaves a deep message. It features some great brain-tickling puzzles and the narration is top-notch. The feeling of not knowing what is happening throughout the game and when you finally get to understand everything is just mind-blowing. It is overall a great experience with some amazing sound design. While the mobile UI might get some people off, but I can easily say that if you go past the UI, the game offers a solid gameplay experience even on PC. If you love puzzle games, Sixth Extinction will be right up your alley with its simple mechanics and mind-tickling puzzles.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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