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We should talk about is a brand new game by developer Insatiable Cycle and publisher Whitethorn Digital which is taking a brand new approach when it comes to video games. We should talk is a video game that is all about hanging out at a local bar and talking with the local community along with trying your best to maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend back at home. We should talk is starting its Kickstarter campaign today and we got ourselves an early preview build to try out the game. This is our mini-preview of We should talk in which we head out to the local pub and try to socialize with random people.

In We should talk, you play as a girl who is out on a night alone with her girlfriend Samantha staying back at home for the night awaiting your return. You have one single goal in the game and that is to interact with people around you. The game follows a narrative-driven story but the story is shaped up according to your dialogue choices and decisions for interactions. For example, based on your decisions, you can either speak with an old friend or instead, interact with a complete stranger who seems to be interested in you. Your choices determine the flow of the story and how your night shapes up to be.

Preview We should talk

Along with your interactions at the bar, you are also in touch with Sam, your girlfriend, who is back at home however still wants to be connected with you. The method of conversation is essentially the same for both live and mobile conversations as only the screen changes. During your live interactions, you will be facing the person you are speaking with however while chatting with Sam, you are on looking on your phone. Both modes, however, follow the same gameplay of choosing parts of the sentences and sending the final choices as a complete sentence.

These choices are presented in a very convenient way as the sentence is usually split into three or four parts where each part can be switch out with a different option. These are not just mere dialogues as each selection changes how the game progresses forwards because each response changes your way of interaction with either Sam or anyone chatting with you at the bar. You can pick your favorite sections and once you are happy with your selection, you can press send to respond to the person you are speaking with. The game then considers your input and displays its response according to your choices.

Playing We should talk is really simple and there is even a cheeky tutorial hidden in the game at the start if you have a good eye to find it. The short tutorial is activated after choosing certain dialogue options right at the start which shows how cool the gameplay of We should talk can be in the full game. The short preview build I received allowed me to experience both the live interaction with the bartender as well as Sam which showcased both gameplay aspects of We should talk. All of this gameplay takes place inside a beautiful bar with neon lights and vibes that take you straight to the 80s. The visuals of the game are my favorite aspect of the game. You also listen to some excellent music in the background while having these conversations.

Apart from the different screens, both of these interactions offer the same gameplay experience as you create sentences and respond to people. Coming to different choices, as far as I’ve played the technical build, the game allows you to relationships with anyone you see fit in the game. It is entirely up to you whether you want to remain loyal to your partner or have fun with someone else at the party. The full game comes with a variety of endings and the only way to unlock all of them is to respond differently at certain main points in the game. At this point, the build did not allow me to reach the ending of the game.

The early developer build I received for this mini preview was only a small chunk of the full game however it showed the true potential of the game. For each custom response you make, the game responds with an appropriate reply and it really feels like you are actually speaking with another person on the other side of the screen. This coupled with the dynamic soundtrack of the game which switches from upbeat to soothing and back often and its brilliant, colorful visuals, We should talk really immerses you in the game. For a game that is all about talking, We should talk brings enough variations and diversity in the mix to have a great time even after multiple playthroughs.

We should talk is now live on Kickstarter where you can help the developers in the further development of the title.

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