Minecraft Dungeons to Get Two New DLC, Cross-Platform Play

Minecraft Dungeons DLC

Minecraft Dungeons developers have already announced future plans for the game, with the announcement of two new DLC along with cross-platform play which is in the works right now.

The announcement was made over in an official blog post on the Minecraft website where the plans for future updates were announced. While the developers are still working on the new content of the game, we do know that the first of the two planned DLC is called Jungle Awakens and is set to come sometime in July, which is not so far away if you think about it.

Minecraft Dungeons DLC

In the first DLC which is the Jungle Awakens, you will enter a distant but a dangerous jungle to fight the mysterious powers that occupy it and have three new missions to play. To help you in this adventure, you will be getting new weapons, armor, and artifacts at your disposal. The blogpost also announced new characters that will include Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, and Poison Quill Vine among others.

The second big DLC that is planned for sometime later will follow after Jungle Awakens and is called Creeping Winter. This DLC will be coming later in the year, but the title of the DLC hints that it will be coming sometime in the Autumn season of this year. This might mean that the Creeping Winter might release sometime between September and November. More information about the second DLC will be released later in a blog post on the Minecraft website.

Lastly, the blog post finishes off by saying that the team of developers is working on adding cross-platform play functionality to the game. The team is also working on new free content for the game that everyone will be getting, regardless of any edition of the game they own. More information about the features will be given in the coming weeks.

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