Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Test Goes Live This Week

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Test

Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games have announced the Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Test which is going to go live this week on April 3 and will run till April 6. The publisher also announced that the keys will be provided via Discord, so you have to join the Discord Community of the game.

The alpha test will mostly be about getting the players feedback, and is expected to have bugs and balance issues. The developer also mentioned that they are looking for feedback on core game mechanics and overall fun factor.

Later on during beta we will encourage you to share, but we are in an early stage and are just looking for feedback for now. We are looking for feedback on core game mechanics and the overall fun factor.

With your help, we can take the game to the next level!

So what is Midnight Ghost Hunt? The game is about ghosts vs hunters who play against each other in a haunted house. We got some gameplay trailer in last year’s E3 2019 event, where the hunters looked like the characters from Ghostbusters hunting ghosts with their devices, while ghosts could use their paranormal abilities to haul objects towards the hunters.

If the hunters fail to succeed and the clock strikes midnight, the tables will turn and the ghosts will now be hunting the hunters. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

Here is the official game description by Vaulted Sky Games:

  • Play as either Ghosts or Ghost Hunters against other players.
  • The Ghosts hide inside inconspicuous furniture and hurl themselves at invading Hunters.
  • The Hunters must find and destroy all of the Ghosts before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT.
  • At MIDNIGHT, all dead Ghosts return as vengeful spirits! The tables turn, the Hunters become the Hunted! They must try to survive the Ghost onslaught until they can escape.

What do you think of the game? Are you going to be a part of the Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Test? Post your comments below.

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