Japanese Indie Studio Midnight Cupcakes Reveals New Game Tokyo Waning Moon

Tokyo Waning Moon

Japanese indie development studio Midnight Cupcakes has revealed its brand-new game Tokyo Waning Moon. Tokyo Waning Moon is an exciting high-speed defensive game where you will defend yourself against incoming hordes of zombies. This is a unique game because it can be played with only two buttons and there is no movement in the game. You will remain in one spot and will defend yourself from all sorts of incoming zombies.

In Tokyo Waning Moon, you will jump into the shoes of a high school girl named Hibana who is fighting the zombies with her Japanese sword. Hibana is unable to move or hide from the zombies so she stands still in the open under the moonlight and fights the zombies. You are able to slash left and right and kill zombies that come closer to your location. Since you are unable to move, you just have two keys to either slash on your right side or slash on your left side depending on where the enemy is currently located.

Tokyo Waning Moon

If you manage to hit the enemies in succession, you will start getting a chain going which will increase the enemy speed in order for you to maintain your attack chain going. As you slash around and kill zombies, you will earn coins and use them to level up their character. There are 15 different power-ups in the game that can be used to improve your characters in different stats. As you upgrade your character, you can kill more zombies and then try to complete the game with the highest score possible. There is also a time attack challenge in the game.

Sticking true to most Japanese RPGs, the game features pixelated visuals drawn in a retro and warm style. Tokyo Waning Moon will be released in Early Access in Q3 2023 and during this Early Access period, additional characters apart from Hibana will be added to the game as well. A Steam page for the game is now live and you can add it to your wishlist right now if you are interested in playing it when it comes out.

What are your thoughts on Tokyo Waning Moon and is it something that you might be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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