Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass for one dollar For New Comers – Available Worldwide

New Comers

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service where you get to be a member of a 100+ library of games. Every month more than 3 games are added to Xbox Game Pass library. Microsoft announced at XO18 event that all new comers will get to buy Xbox Game Pass one month for one dollar.

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson further mentioned in his tweet that:

Considering a vast collection of games to play free for one month in one dollar, the subscription plan is a total dirt cheap offer. Moreover, new comers will get to play new games like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and many other Xbox One exclusive titles for free. All those games are already available to access via Xbox Game Pass.

Additionally, if you are die hard fan of fps genre and battle royale games, then Microsoft has got your back too. Microsoft announced at XO18 event that PUBG will also join Xbox Game Pass starting November 12, 2018.

If all these reasons are compelling enough and have gained your interest then head over to Microsoft store page and buy one month subscription for one dollar.

new comers

The launch of Xbox One was rough, Phil Spancer introduced Xbox Game Pass and it became an instant success. A good amount of revenue of the company comes from Xbox Game Pass. The subscription brings in exclusive games completely free and third party games join on monthly basis.

Microsoft is playing all cards in with Xbox Game Pass service. There are significant amount of hints that pinpoint that the service may come soon for PC Microsoft Windows Store.

Currently, PC players are restricted to only Microsoft’s Play Anywhere scheme games. They can not access any third-party games that are available on Xbox One Game Pass. Those games remain titled to domain of Xbox alone.

What are your thoughts on one dollar for one month plan? Have you tried the service before? Well, if not, then now is high time for it.

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