MicroProse Launches Let Bions be Bygones: A Gripping Pixel-Art Detective Adventure

Let Bions be Bygones

Venture into the captivating world of dystopian cyberpunk with MicroProse’s latest release, Let Bions be Bygones, now available on Steam. Dive into the narrative-driven journey of John Cooper, a seasoned detective navigating the intricate web of intrigue and redemption in the gritty future-noir setting of Terrahive.

Check out the Launch Trailer below:

Exploring Let Bions be Bygones: A Fresh Approach to Detective Adventures

Let Bions be Bygones presents a fresh perspective on the detective adventure genre, prioritizing immersive storytelling and player-driven choices. Embark on a journey where every decision shapes the narrative and defines your character’s path. With an emphasis on atmosphere, narrative depth, and engaging detective work, the game offers players a chance to craft their unique experience within the captivating pixel-art world of Terrahive.

Unraveling the Story

Set in the sprawling city-planet of Terrahive, Let Bions be Bygones follows the story of John Cooper, a retired detective seeking redemption. Tasked with locating a missing upper-class girl amidst the shadows of the city’s underbelly, players delve into a narrative that is rich with twists, turns, and morally complex choices. Navigate through a web of relationships, uncover clues, and confront the consequences of your actions in a story where every decision carries weight.

Let Bions be Bygones

Key Features and Gameplay Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in a pixel-art world teeming with atmosphere and mature themes.
  • Engage in choice-driven mechanics to develop your character’s skills and shape the storyline.
  • Experience top-notch voice acting and a distinctive soundtrack that enhances the game’s ambiance.
  • Explore over 20 unique locations, engage with a variety of side activities, and interact with a diverse cast of characters, including a talking gun with a colorful vocabulary.
  • Uncover multiple dramatic endings through over 1000 narrative choices, offering replayability and depth.
  • Pursue hidden challenges and earn over 20 Steam achievements as you unravel the mysteries of Terrahive.

Let Bions be Bygones

Let Bions be Bygones invites players to immerse themselves in a gripping tale of mystery, morality, and redemption, where every decision holds consequences and every clue leads deeper into the heart of a dystopian world. Dive into the adventure on Steam and discover the secrets of Terrahive today.

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