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Metro Exodus is set to receive its first DLC content as its Expansion Pass was detailed by the developer 4A Games. The contents of this Expansion Pass will contain two major DLC drops.

The first expansion is titled “The Two Colonels” which tells the story of Colonel Khlebnikov, as he attempts to return home to his son on New Year’s Eve. The DLC is basically a new linear chapter in the game and will feature classic story-driven gameplay set under the barren city of Novosibirsk. This DLC is expected to launch sometime in Summer 2019.

The Two Colonels is a linear chapter. You’ll assume the role of Colonel Khlebnikov, a brand new character, as he tries to make his way home from under the surface of the abandoned city of Novosibirsk. The problem is that the city’s tunnels are succumbing to the slime and increased mutant attacks. The substance that protects survivors from radiation poisoning is running out, so Khlebnikov decides to join his son, Kirill, at home for New Year’s Eve. What’s even better is that the expansion adds a new flamethrower.

The second DLC is called “Sam’s Story” which is expected to come out early next year in 2020. Sam is a US marine who dreams of returning home to be with his family.

Sam’s Story is a sandbox survival level. The expansion follows the American Spartan Ranger known as Sam. As a former Marine based in Moscow, he wishes to return to the United States. When the Spartans realize Moscow wasn’t the only city to survive the ravages of war, he vows to find his way back home. However, escaping Russia is the first step.

Both the expansions will be available as part of the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass which costs $24.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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