Metal Gear Survive adds Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head Skin for Halloween

Metal Gear Survive

Konami has announced a limited-time event for Metal Gear Survive that is set to start on Thursday and is called The Research’s Story. The event will allow players to earn the Pyramid Head’s signature accessory, plus the music of Silent Hill and Castelvania Games. The event will run from 26 October to 6 November and you will be able to earn battle points for unlockable items and gear.

To predicate in the event, you need to have the main story of Metal Gear Survive. Once you have that out of the way, you will be eligible to collect the Pyramid Head Accessory. This is an angular metal hood or a hat that you can apply to your character in the game.


Pyramid Head is a monster and the main antagonist in the game: Silent Hill 2, and went on to become an iconic and most well known monster in the franchise. Pyramid Head is seen wearing a triangular metal helmet that is inspired by a German experimental ramjet-powered interceptor that was designed in 1944 in World War 2.

During the Research’ Story event, you will also be able to collect more recipes and cassette tapes which will include the following music tracks:

  • Cassette Tape: [Silent Hill] Silent Hill
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Divine Bloodlines
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Beginning
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Symphony of the Night] The Tragic Prince


  • Cassette Tape: [SUPER CONTRA] THUNDER LANDING (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [NEMESIS] Challenger 1985 (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [LIFE FORCE] Power of Anger (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [Bells & Whistles] Gift of the Wind (Arcade)
  • Recipe: Advanced Weapon Workshop
  • Recipe: Advanced Gear Workshop
  • Recipe: Copper Statue
  • Recipe: Wooden Tower
  • Recipe: Moai
  • Recipe: Medium Floodlight
  • Recipe: Large Floodlight
  • Recipe: Streetlight
  • Recipe: Floodlight
  • Recipe: Palm Tree
  • Recipe: Cactus
  • Recipe: Sign: “STOP”
  • Recipe: Sign: “Beware of Animals”
  • Recipe: LargeQuiver
  • Recipe: MediumQuiver
  • Recipe: SmallQuiver

Post your comments below and tell s what you think of the inclusion of Pyramid Head’s accessory as a head gear for your character in the game.

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