Merge Games’ New Game is a Stylish Cyberpunk Shooter Foreclosed


Publisher Merge Games and developer Antab Studio have revealed their brand new shooter called Foreclosed. Foreclosed is a slick and stylish cyberpunk shooter that is currently under development for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Foreclosed features comic book aesthetics as you fight against the dehumanized bureaucracy that stole your identity.

Foreclosed takes its inspiration from games like Deus Ex and Max Payne series along with Frank Miller’s graphic novel Hard Boiled. Foreclosed combines narrative-driven action where you take control of brain implant abilities, hi-tech weaponry, and a diverse skill tree system. All of this is combined together into a beautiful cyberpunk-graphic novel aesthetic.

While playing the game, you will encounter interactive cutscenes that will transition smoothly in-between the gameplay sections. The game features alternate gameplay styles so you will have more than one way of playing the game. Different sections of the game offer you a different perspective to play around with so this will certainly keep the gameplay fresh as you explore the same world in a new way.

Check out the gameplay reveal of Foreclosed below:

Key features of Foreclosed include:

  • Slick Cyberpunk Action – Foreclosed blends a striking comic book aesthetic alongside high-octane, cyberpunk infused action gameplay.
  • Hi-tech Combat – Modify your symbiotic pistol and use your brain implant abilities to manipulate your surroundings and fight back against the system.
  • Firmware Upgrades – Discover and unlock new abilities with an RPG-like skill system
  • Interactive Comic Book – Everything from the gameplay to cinematics are experienced within the stylistic framework of a graphic novel to make you truly feel like a comic book hero.
  • Original Story – Follow the story of Evan Kapnos, his identity recently Foreclosed, stripped of his job, brain implants, and access to the city Blockchain. He must now escape the city before his identity and implants are auctioned off.

You can head over to Steam to add the game to your wishlist right now. Any sort of release window for the game has not been announced yet.

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