Merge Games Drops First Demo for Sandbox Life & Farming Sim Pixelshire

Pixelshire Demo

Publisher Merge Games and developer Kappa Bits have announced the release of the first demo of Pixelshire, the upcoming charming life & farming sim. The demo will allow players to try out a small part of Pixelshire which is set in the adorable pixel-art world of Arcadia. Pixelshire will be participating in the upcoming Steam Next Fest as well with the same demo which has been released ahead of the event for players to try it out.

The demo of Pixelshire will allow you to experience the first 5 days of Pixelshire as it will give you a taste of terraforming, building, farming, fishing, and a lot more. In Pixelshire, you will build your perfect town, meet new friends, and invite them over to stay a while. For building your town, you will gather resources, construct new homes, and decorate the world to your own personal liking.

While the game may appear similar to Stardew Valley, the developer has actually released a video in which they detail how Pixelshire is different from Stardew Valley. This is actually a full series, but we are only linking the first episode which showcases terraforming in the game. If you like it, watch the full series on Merge Games’ official YouTube channel. Check it out below:

Terraforming is an important aspect of Pixelshire because it will allow you to create the best town that you have in your mind. With this mechanic, you can dig long and winding rivers that weave between your customized homes, create multi-tiered farms on raised areas of land, and a lot more. Each NPC in Pixelshire has a unique profession and by building your relationship with the town’s archeologist, you can improve your terraforming abilities and purchase new equipment that will help you share the geology within your town.

The updated key features of Pixelshire include:

  • A unique Sandbox Town-Building experience
    • Develop the perfect town and farm of your dreams with terraforming features that allow you to carve and craft the landscape
    • Build and decorate your own unique house.
    • Your town will grow with each citizen you encounter along the way.
    • Each villager has his own house that you must place and design.
  • Farm, master new hobbies, craft valuable goods, and manage your own customized shop
    • Build your farm, plant, and grow crops and raise livestock.
    • Choose from a variety of trades. Farming, mining, woodcutting, fishing, cooking, brewing, and more are all waiting to be mastered!
    • Manage your shop and sell valuable items you find in your adventures or goods that you produce.
  • Uncover the secrets of the continent of Arcadia
    • A whole continent ready to be explored, full of new adventures and hidden treasures.
    • Travel and fight your way through enchanted forests, mountain jungles, and many more.
    • Discover procedurally generated islands that shift each time you enter the magical mist.
    • Mine for ore as you descend into randomly generated dungeons.
  • Build Meaningful relationships
    • Become part of Arcadia’s community and make friends with the inhabitants, each with their own personality. You may even find romance!
    • Improve relationships with the townsfolk by helping them with daily jobs and learning new skills from them.
    • Invite townsfolk with unique skills to assist you in quests and adventures, tagging along as you head out into the world

Pixelshire was announced back in July 2022, and you can check out the announcement trailer of the game as well. If you are interested in trying out the game, you can head over to Steam to download it and jump into the demo right now. If you fancy the game but want to give it a shot at a later date, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist as well. Pixelshire is slated for an Early Access release later in 2023.

Will you be trying out the new demo of Pixelshire or will you wait for the full release of the game to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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