Men of War II New Dev Diary Showcases Front Line Gameplay, Multiplayer, and More

Men of War II Dev Diary

Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way today have released a new Men of War II dev diary that shared exciting gameplay innovations that you can expect in the highly-anticipated RTS follow-up.

The dev diary is the second installment in the Men of War II dev diary video series. Check out the video below:

Men of War II is built using a significantly modified and redesigned Gem RTS engine. The game will give you more freedom than the previous game in the series, allowing you to tailor the experience to your playstyle, while also enhancing the battlefield with dynamic new features that have been brought to life with high-res effects, animations, and immersive sound design.

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One of the new features is called Frontline, which divides the whole map into two – territory that is of the allies, while the other is occupied by the enemy. This situation is always changing as it can drastically influence the course of events since you and other players will have options and abilities based on what side of the Front Line their units are on.

The AI has also been balanced and enhanced in line with the new mechanics, making sure that it will intelligently counter the player, giving a deeply satisfying gameplay experience.

Men of War II Dev Diary

As for the multiplayer modes, they have been completely changed having been entirely rebuilt from scratch. The modes now bring a suite of options to the game which include tournaments, leagues, personal ratings, customizable lobbies, dedicated servers, and more. One of the key additions that players will be able to see is the auto-connect feature, which returns players to the battle if there are any connectivity issues.

Competitive matchups can now be played in different modes from 1v1 to 5v5 – where the 5v5 mode will require teamwork, as each player will have their specialization depending on their choice of battalion. For example, one may focus on infantry, another on tanks, and a third on artillery. In addition, all battalions have been balanced to make multiplayer battles unique. You can add the game to your wishlist right now be heading over to its Steam page or the Epic Games Store page.

Post your comments below and let us know what you think of the features that are coming in Men of War II.

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