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Japanese indie developer and publisher Odencat Inc. have announced the Western release date of their classic title Meg’s Monster. Meg’s Monster will be released in the West on March 2, 2023, on PC, Mac, Linux, Steam Deck, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Meg’s Monster is an epic, stylized, retro turn-based JRPG that was critically acclaimed upon its release in Japan. According to the developer, Meg’s Monster has been in development for the last two years and now it is in its final form as the developer finalizes the development of the game. Upon launch, Meg’s Monster will support different languages including English.

Check out the teaser trailer for Meg’s Monster below which showcases a little bit of what we can expect when the game comes out:

Meg’s Monster is a unique title that presents the story of two friends, encased in a raw, scripted, and turn-based battle system in which you control a nearly-invincible monster who must fight and defeat enemies while protecting a fragile human child with strange apocalyptic powers. If this child ever cries, the whole world dies, and the game is over. The child’s name is Meg, and her tears hold the power to bring the apocalypse. Meg ends up in a world full of mutants and monsters who eat humans for breakfast.

Lucky for her, she befriends a monster name Roy and his friend Golan who must work together in order to send Meg back to her own world. The trio will explore the Underworld for clues regarding Meg’s mother’s whereabouts, and while doing so, they become good friends and uncover some astonishing secrets about their world and themselves. The game is presented in the form of a retro RPG featuring simple UI mechanics however the gameplay is pretty challenging.

Since Roy comes with 99999 HP, no other enemy in the game can kill her however if he keeps taking damage, Meg will start taking emotional damage since she cannot watch her friend take damage. If this continues, her mental condition will reach zero and if this happens, she will start crying and everything around you will end instantly. For preventing this, you will need a good balance between defeating enemies and keeping Meg happy with different toys and preventing her from crying.

Meg's Monster Release Date

The game also features over 50,000 words of dialogue to deliver a rich and compelling narrative to many battles that you will fight as your journey through the Underworld. Each battle will require its own unique mechanics and minigames to master for clearing them. Acclaimed Monster Hunter, Hi-Fi Rush, and Atelier Ryza 2 composer Reo Uratani has delivered the soundtrack for this game along with a theme song that has been composed by Laura Shigihara of Plants vs Zombies™, To the Moon, Rakuen, and Deltarune fame.

If you want to want to jump into Meg’s Monster when it comes out, you can pre-order the game now on Xbox and Nintendo Switch eStore and also add the game to your PC wishlist on Steam. If you hurry up, you can also land a pre-order discount on both stores.

Are you looking forward to playing Meg’s Monster when it launches on its release date? Let us know in the comments section below.

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