Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.07 Dropping Today, New Game Plus, Ultimate Difficulty and More Trophies

Marvel’s Spider-Man released September 7, 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game was a smashing hit success so much so that in the first three days of the release, a total of 3.3 million units were sold. Insomniac games have delivered the kind of a spider-man game the fans have always wanted.

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Today, Insomniac games have announced that they will be dropping another update. The update 1.07 will bring in new game plus mode, a new difficulty for players who like to risk it all and more trophies.

The new game plus mode in update 1.07 will allow players to start over their journey of spider-man while keeping all suits, skills and gadget skill unlocked. This will be a refreshing experience one that will be slightly different from a new game mode.

Additionally, the update will also bring the ultimate difficulty level. Since the release of the game many fans of spider-man mentioned at reddit that the highest available difficulty in the game is not challenging enough. The community needed a much bigger challenge than what was available at launch. Insomniac are now rolling ultimate difficulty in the new update, will this kill spider-man in one hit? Let us find out when update rolls out.

Another addition that update 1.07 will bring to the game is two additional trophies. If you have unlocked the platinum trophy and now you are up for more challenge, say no more. The two new trophies will be unlocked if you complete the game on New Game Plus mode and the other one on ultimate difficulty.

Insomniac games are playing right moves in post-launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The update 1.07 will surely be a refreshing experience. Additionally, developers are releasing the first DLC ‘The Heist’ on October 23.

The Heist DLC will focus on Felecia Hardy also known as black cat. The DLC will cost you $9.99 or you can get ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC which covers all three post-launch DLCs in one single purchase of $24.99. For more on the story, check here.

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