Marvel’s Spider Man Beginners Guide – Explore The City, Earn Tokens, Combat

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In this Marvel’s Spider Man Beginners Guide, we will show you how to get familiar with the basic of the gameplay when you start the story of the game. In Spider Man, you don’t need to learn powers or abilities because you already possess them.

Things like gadgets and powers are unlockable items that you will acquire over the progress of the story. Additionally special combo moves can also help you in a fight with a lot of enemies.

Although the game keeps feeding you tips and tutorials throughout the game, you are still left out with a lot of things that can aid you in exploring the city and fighting enemies with unique moves. And for that, refer to our guide to take the first early steps in the game with these tips.

Exploring the City

Marvel's Spider Man

In Spider Man’s city of New York, there are a ton of things that you can do. There are many collectibles, side missions, crimes and landmarks throughout the map that you engage in to unlock items for yourself.

Firstly, head to Surveillance Towers to get a hold of the surroundings. These are police towers across the city that fills in your map with details. When you reach the tower and activate it, your map will indicate nearby crimes, collectibles and side missions. This will help you plan accordingly if you want to engage in a side mission.

If you decide to unlock all of the towers, you will have the complete details of every little item and mission that you can have in the whole map. Even small things like collecting backpack and photographing a tourist trap will be indicated for you.

Gathering Tokens

There are a lot of things you can do in Spider Man that can be a bit overwhelming at the start. A crime in some street, or a landmark to visit are all options available or you. You can go ahead and do every little thing at once, especially if you are a 100% game completionist, but you do not require doing it in the game.

Completing these small activities, be it collecting a backpack or solving a crime, will earn you tokens. Tokens are in game currency in Spider Man that you can use for new suits with their mods, gadgets and gadget upgrades.

Additionally, if you do not want to grind and look for such small activities, go to your suits and gadgets menu where you can locate the type of upgrade you want and what it costs. Get a look at how may tokens you will need and then check on your map for a specific activity that will earn you a good chunk of tokens to spend on an upgrade.

Spider Man Suits

There are many suits available in Spider Man. Most of the suits have their own special ability and powers. The suits are iconic to Spider Man because the game features all the suits Spidey has ever worn over the last 50 years. There are 26 special outfits in the game that you can unlock by earning experience points and leveling up. You also need to spend tokens to acquire the suits that you can wear.

Like we mentioned, most suits come with their own special ability. The special ability comes with a temporary boost for example a bulletproof suit will defend you from bullets for a short period of time.

For a more detailed look into the powers that come in each suit, read our Spider Man Suit Powers Guide

Spider Man Powers and Gadgets

Spider Man comes with a lot of powers and gadgets that help you in a combat situation. Use these to make the gameplay as it is meant to be player. Pick the ones that you think will be the most useful to you when you approach a combat zone.

Marvel’s Spider Man

A wheel of gadgets is readily available for you to choose a gadget from. In the beginning stages of the game, you will have the Web Shooters, along with seven slots to add more gadgets as your progress in the game.

Highlighting Objectives and Enemies

Whenever you press the right thumbstick, you will get a bunch of highlighted information in the surrounding area. This also highlights your current objectives, nearby enemies, access points and collectibles. In a combat situation, highlighting with the thumbstick also brings up your Bonus Objectives.

Spider Man Bonus Objectives in a Fight

In most fights, and especially during Thug and Demon fights, you have a set of bonus Objectives that you can do pursue to get more XP.

These Bonus Objectives usually are things like “Web 3 enemies to the wall”. We suggest that if you need more XP and Tokens in the game then you should look into the Bonus Objectives and try to complete them.

Spider Man Combat Techniques

Marvel’s Spider Man

Spider Man is not your typical melee fighting game that you can just stand in one spot and attack your enemy until he drops down. You never want to stay in one place in this game. Many enemies have top of the line weaponry and can jump on you with bullets that you will have to dodge.

Spider Man comes with a lot of abilities to dodge an attack, so use these in a combat as the best defense you can have. Leap over an enemy just as he is attacking, and thrust him into another enemy in the distance, as you swing to attack the third enemy. So carrying with the momentum of your moves can deal effective damage and can allow you to swiftly take down multiple enemies.

Spider Man Attack Combos

Between Spider Man’s gadgets and skills, you have loads of combos at your disposal. Use these in fights as you don’t need to master every single one of them, but it is a good idea to play around with our combo attacks. Combos can come in very handy in situations getting out of hand with a lot of enemies approaching you.

We must admit that combos feel really good if you can land them correctly, so chose a few that suit to your liking and keep an upper hand over any combat situation that you find yourself in.

Spider Man Swinging Abilities

As Spider Man, you will spend a lot of time swinging across streets to get from one point to another.Speed is the biggest factor you should keep in mind to get to somewhere fast. And to get speed, you need to jump from higher places to have enough momentum to swing from building to building.

Pick swing-able routes around you. The higher you are swinging from the more deep swings you get from one web attachment to another.

One of the early traversal upgrades you can buy after getting started is the Point Launch. This ability allows Spider Man to shot pairs of webs at a single spot and pulls him to it to launch forward through the air. This will provide you with a bust of speed and it’s great for spots which do not offer swinging spaces

Now you are all set to get the feel of the game, you now have a general idea and understanding about what the city will offer you, how you should fight enemies and what is the best way to traverse in the city with the abilities that Spider Man possesses.

This concludes our Marvel’s Spider Man Beginners Guide. If you wish to add anything to things guide, feel free to comment below

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