How to Enter Maria’s Room in Demonologist – Maria Room Puzzle Solution

How to Enter Maria’s Room in Demonologist

Maria’s Room contains an easter egg that many players are looking to see for themselves in Demonologist. But the game developers haven’t been so kind, as the riddle they have provided gives no hint on how to solve it, or if there is even a way to enter Maria’s Room. Fortunately, some players have already figured out how to solve the puzzle, and this guide will show you how to enter Maria’s Room in Demonologist.

How to Enter Maria’s Room in Demonologist

On the Cyclone St. map of the game, there is a house with a room labeled Maria’s Room. This puzzle can only be solved if you have figured out the riddle, and have done the three important steps for the door to open.

Before we look at the solutions, let’s first look at what the riddle says:

  • I keep staring at walls, losing track of Time. A descent into Madness, words start becoming untrue. A crimson-soaked blade, the blood of the heart is due.
  • A dream of the dead consumes me, haunting my every thought. The abuse lies within, or so I was taught.
  • Love’s door remains locked, as the clock strikes three. My wrath contained within, waiting for the key.
  • This world I inhabit, where the line of madness is blurred, can only be solved in particular steps and words.
  • I scream into the void, hoping my voice will carry. For if I don’t speak my truth, they’ll come for me… Mary.
  • It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head.

Maria’s Room Puzzle Solution

There are a few obvious hints in the riddle, where one of them is in the word “Limbo.” There is a bookshelf in the basement where a book labeled Limbo will be sticking out. Before you do anything here, head to the bathroom and stand in front of it.

While staring at the mirror, say “Bloody Mary” three times and the mirror will then cover in blood. The second step is to return back to the bookshelf in the basement, and stand in front of the book and say the word “Limbo.” This will reveal a secret hallway with crosses on the wall.

As you are walking down this hallway, say the words “We Come for You” and you will hear laughing sounds while the crosses will start to fall off from the walls.

The final step, which was one that many players couldn’t figure out, was to change the time of all the clocks on the map. There are three clocks on the map where you need to change their time to 3am. However, you should change the clock close to Maria’s Room last. Doing so will open the room where you can enter and find the Easter Egg inside.

That’s how to enter Maria’s Room in Demonologist. Post your comments below.

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