First Major Update for Speed Limit Adds Two Brand-New Modes to the Game

Speed Limit Update

Developer GameChuck has announced the release of the first major update of its speed-running title Speed Limit which was released earlier this month. The update arrives for free for all players and it brings two brand-new modes for everyone to try out. The new modes include the Arcade mode and the Neon mode which allow players to experience Speed Limit in completely new ways.

First off, the Arcade mode is a throwback to the early 80s when players used to play games on CRT screens and had to insert coins for lives. The Arcade mode of Speed Limit plays out in pretty much the same way as players choose how many coins to insert in the game before starting it along with the option of choosing unlimited credits which allow them to tailor the difficulty according to their own needs.

Apart from the coin system, players will also be able to recreate the early days by aiming for a high score. A high score counter will always accompany you in-game that will calculate your score and once the game is over, it will allow you to compare your results with friends and players from around the world. Finally, the Arcade mode also changes the visuals and delivers the game with a CRT-like visual overlay for ultimate nostalgia.

The second mode arriving in Speed Limit is the Neon Mode which is a massive nod to the retro neon-themed video games of the past. This mode is only available for the motorcycle levels and allows you to cruise in your bike as you relax along neon-themed highways while listening to synthwave track Neon Limit. This mode is more towards relaxation and turning off after a hectic day as you listen to synthwave while cruising along a beautiful neon-lit highway.

Speed Limit is a fast-paced speed-running action game by Game Chuck that offers non-stop action as you start off on a train and end up in a fighter jet high up in the stratosphere in one massive chase. For a deep dive into the game, make sure that you check out our review of Speed Limit. For additional details, you can check out the original post by Gamechuck.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in Speed Limit to try out the new game update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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