Upgrading Players in Madden NFL 19 – Player Upgrade Mechanic Detailed

Madden NFL 19 Player Upgrades Guide

Madden NFL 19 gives you the freedom of upgrading your players. This is a new feature and it was not present in any of the previous titles in the franchise and the players are really excited about this feature. Our Madden NFL 19 Player Upgrades Guide has you covered in which we have detailed all that is required for upgrading players. We have mentioned the game modes where you can upgrade players and how you can upgrade players.

This new upgrade system allows players to finally upgrade players to make them even better than their stock form. This also grants players greater freedom to create the perfect player or team and manage them in a much more detailed way. We have made sure that you get to know everything about upgrading players in this simple Madden NFL 19 Player Upgrades Guide.

Upgrading Players in Madden NFL 19 – Detailed Guide

Since Madden NFL 19 features game modes, you can actually upgrade players in a variety of game modes. The most important game modes where you want to upgrade your players are Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team Mode. We have detailed both of these modes below.

Ultimate Team Mode

In Ultimate Team, your goal is to create the best team that you can think of. In previous titles, you could purchase any player and add them to your team but now you have more freedom as you can upgrade them as well. This will further increase their stats and make them better for the role where you have assigned them.

Before you start upgrading the players, you will need to earn some training points. As you complete more solo matches or training camp matches, you will earn more training points. Keep collecting these points and once you have enough in your inventory, you will be ready to upgrade the player of your choice.

For upgrading a player, head to the player selection screen, choose the player that you want to upgrade and assign the training points that you want to invest in making that player better. You can invest as many training points in a player as you like. However, you must keep this thing in mind that some of the players will also need player card to upgrade them.

The cards that you choose as support players will be used up once the upgrade is complete. You can find plenty of upgrade player cards in card packs or the auction house. You can also decide to sell some of your extra cards that you have lying around in the game. Once you have your initial team set up, you can sell extra ones and get some quick training points to make your team better.

Franchise Mode

The second most important game mode is Franchise Mode where you can be a player, coach or the owner of a football team. For upgrading yourself here in ‘Be a Player’ mode or your team while playing as an owner or coach, you can spend XP and upgrade yourself or your team. This is an automated process and does not require you to dig deep in player stats.

You can simply choose the archetype of the player that you want to upgrade and the game will handle the rest. All associated skills to that archetype will be upgraded without much trouble. This makes it much easier because the player archetypes are not fixed. They can be changed at will and you can even upgrade their new archetype beyond the skill level of their original archetype making them a totally new player.

Each archetype will be unique and will need different approaches. You will need to make sure that you earn enough XP to upgrade the player exactly how you want to do it. You can farm XP by playing weekly training and simple matches in Franchise mode. This requires some bit of grinding but you will eventually earn enough to make all upgrades possible.

If you struggling in understanding the new mechanics for running in Madden NFL 19, check out our tips and tricks right here.

This concludes our Madden NFL 19 Player Upgrades Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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