Roguelike Undervault Set to Return as Ludopolis, IndieGoGo Campaign Live


Angry Kid Studios has announced that they are launching an IndieGoGo campaign for Ludopolis which is essentially a remake of the innovating dungeon crawler earlier known as Undervault. The developer seeks $10,000 for the development of the title and expresses the desire to add even more features to the game if the funding exceeds $10,000.

Ludopolis is a remake of Undervault which was a pretty decent and innovative dungeon crawler however the remake will feature updated graphics, reworked mechanics and a narrative to add more depth to the game. The game will throw players in a dungeon where they will have to cross randomly generated series of rooms to gather loot and kill monsters.

The formula is pretty straight forward however Ludopolis brings its own twist to the genre by adding the mechanic which allows the players to transform unknown rooms in the player’s desired room type. For example, the game will allow players to place a chapel which will kill enemies in all surrounding rooms or they can put a bedroom which will heal them.

Apart from the monsters, players will also need to fight hunger, fatigue, and disease throughout the dungeon and strive to stay alive as long as possible. Players will get access to new elements of the story and solve the mystery of the dungeon they are present in. The characters will gradually level up unlocking new skills in the skill tree which will allow players to customize their character according to their own desired play style such as tank, stealth or room generation.

According to the official press release, other features of Ludopolis include:

  • Creating new connections between rooms using a pickaxe or ladders.
  • Trading with NPCs for unique items.
  • Owning a pet companion that travels with you through the dungeon.
  • A daily challenge system that lets players compete with their friends for the best score

In celebration of kickstarting the IndieGoGo campaign for Ludopolis, the game on which it is inspired by Undervault is free to play on and you can try it out right now.

If funding reaches its target goal, Ludopolis will be released in 2020 on PC and Mac via Steam.

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