Lords of the Fallen Unreal Tech Demo Showcases Stunning Game Engine in Action At GDC 2023

Lords of the Fallen Overview Trailer

Epic Games held its State of Unreal keynote at GDC 2023 and during it, the publisher revealed a brand-new Unreal Tech Demo for Lords of the Fallen. The Unreal Tech Demo showcases stunning game engine in action and the power of Unreal Engine 5. This tech demo is a clear example of how Unreal Engine 5 is helping developers to create video games that look not just amazing but brilliantly detailed as well.

You can check out the Unreal Tech Demo of Lords of the Fallen to see the beautiful in-game visuals and one of the starting levels of the game:

Using different engines provided by Unreal Engine 5, developer Hexworks details how the amazing details of Lords of the Fallen are possible with Epic’s latest engine. The Chaos physics engine allows the developer to micro-manage the level of detail and implement secondary movement on characters to make them feel more lifelike. Different elements of player’s clothing such as hanging pendants, feathers in armor sets and more will move around and have special effects just like that in the real life.

Lords of the Fallen is also using the Lumen GI for its in-game lighting which will help the developers to illuminate different levels just like they are in real life. For a game like Lords of the Fallen that features complex and dark levels, lighting was key and since light plays a vital role in highlighting specific locations or items in the game, it works perfectly with Lumen GI. For character models, the developer has combined 3D scans of real people with UE5’s own tech which will allow players to create a truly unique persona.

Key features of Lords of the Fallen include:

  • A vast, interconnected world – over five times larger than the original game
  • An expansive RPG experience – a huge roster of NPCs to meet and stories to uncover
  • Tactical combat – a fast, fluid and challenging combat system
  • Devastating magic – a vast array of offensive and defensive spells to master
  • Uninterrupted online multiplayer – seamless world exploration in co-op mode
  • Define your legend – full character customization and progression

Lords of the Fallen is slated for release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year and you can wishlist the game on your desired console right now. For more information about the game, you can check out the previously released screenshots or the original reveal trailer of the game. Additional details about the game will be revealed in the upcoming days leading to the title’s full launch.

What are your thoughts on the impressive Unreal Tech Demo of Lords of the Fallen? Are you looking forward to playing it when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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