Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch Announced, Coming Next Month

Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch

In celebration of the upcoming Diablo III Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has just revealed a brand new Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch console. It will release in November when the game is officially coming on the console.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

The Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Console will feature a special console and dock both with Diablo III artwork. The Joy-Cons are simple grey ones and they are not coming with any sort of special artwork or Diablo III treatment. The console will also come with a download code for Diablo III. Physical copy is not included with the console. A special carrying case is also included with the console.

Diablo III Eternal Collection was announced for the Nintendo Switch console and it is also the most complete version of the game. It will come with the base game as well as the expansion packs which were launched later. These include Rise of the Necromancer and Reaper of Souls.

Apart from these two expansion packs, the Nintendo Switch version is also coming with special Nintendo Switch exclusive in-game items such as Ganondorf Transmog Armor, a Cucco pet companion and a Golder Triforce Portrait Frame straight from the world of The Legend of Zelda. Other consoles or the PC version did not receive any special console specific bonuses.

This limited edition Nintendo Switch console is joining the exclusive club with two other already announced Limited Edition consoles. They include Limited Edition Super Smash Bros console and Limited Edition Pokémon: Let’s Go console. This makes this the third special limited edition console which is for at a third-party game.

Diablo III Eternal Edition is slated for release on November 2, 2018 on Nintendo Switch exclusively and the Limited Edition console is also coming out on the same day accompanying the game. It will be available exclusively at GameStop in Northern America and Europe for $359.99.

Let us know in the comments section below about will you be buying the Limited Edition Diablo III Nintendo Switch when it comes out or will you wait for another Limited Edition.

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