Side-Scrolling Action-Adventure Liberated Releasing Next Month on Switch


Walkabout Games have announced their upcoming title Liberated, which is a side-scrolling action-adventure set to release on the Nintendo Switch next month on June 2, 2020.  The release date was announced in a new story trailer that was also released on YouTube.

The game is already an award-winning title that is based in a surveillance dystopia. You can expect a lot of shootouts, sneaking, hacking, and platforming that the game lets players experience. All this is told through a story of a revolutionary movement in a world where society is controlled through information.

Check out the story trailer of Liberated below:

Join the revolution in this comic adventure shooter. Let the hand-drawn art and action unite in a noir cyberpunk story. Fight the system, sneak, solve puzzles, and dispense picturesque headshots. For great justice.


Liberated seamlessly merges its groundbreaking graphic novel style, inspired by Frank Miller and Will Eisner, with short bursts of action. With a quick pan to another panel, you move from narrative to gameplay, both in carefully balanced proportions.

Head of BizDev over at Walkabout, Piotr Gnyp had this to say about the announcement of the game.

Liberated has been a huge labor of love and collaborative effort between Walkabout, Atomic Wolf and We hope that with Liberated we will give a second life to comic book and graphic novel genres, using technology to bring them into a new era of interactive storytelling.

Check out the additional screenshots of the game below:

The game will be sold via the Nintendo eShop at the price of $19.99, but pre-ordering right now will allow you a 20% discount for $15.99. The game is also going to release on other consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while a PC release is still planned for a release sometime in this quarter of 2020.

What do you think of Liberated? Post your comments below.

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