Leaked Images Reveal Valve’s VR Headset Prototype, Teased with Half-Life VR Game

Valve’s VR headset prototype

Leaked images have been revealed of the Valve’s VR headset prototype device that is subsequently confirmed to be in development as the possible competition to the HTC Vive. The leaked images show what seems to be the next gen device of what is to come.

The images were discovered by a redditor 2flock which contained a number of shots detailing of what appears to be a SteamVR tracking photodiodes under the plastic, which is similar to how the Oculus hides the IR LEDs under its Headset. These SteamVR sensors are also found in the HTV Vive, Vive Pro, and Prima 8X. It also seems to be having 2 cameras that are visible in the photos and integrated headphones.

Valve’s VR headset prototype

There also seems to be a USB port slot in the front which may possibly hint the use of add-ons with the VR headset, while the padding on the back appears to be similar to the padding on the Valve’s Knuckles controller prototype that you can see below:

Valve’s VR headset prototype

If this is the final product of the VR Headset that is coming out from Valve, then it will feature a 135 degree field of view, with a resolution to match the Vive Pro, the source adds. In addition, the headset may also be sold in a bundle with the Knuckles controllers and a Half-Life VR game. The game may be a sequel to the series rather than the highly anticipated third Half-Life game of the series; Half-Life 3.

Valve’s VR headset prototype

While this news is obviously not confirmed by Valve, if the VR Headset does come out next year, it would make sense that it would be coming as a direct competition to the launch of the Oculus Rift S, that is also launching sometime around next year.

Are you excited to play Half-Life on a Valve VR Headset? Let us know in the comments below.

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