Konami is Reportedly Making Two New Silent Hill Games

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Konami is quietly working on two new Silent Hill games according to a leaker on Twitter by the name of AestheticGamer1. The account is known for many notable leaks from the past and carries some weight when they talk about Silent Hill games.

According to the leaker, there are new Silent Hill games in the works. He also stated that Konami had reached out to various developers two years ago to pitch ideas for the two games. One of the games will be a soft reboot from the franchise, while the other game will be an episodic Tell Tale and Until Dawn style game.

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In other news while I’m dropping this stuff, and I think I can talk about this, I’ll mention there is a couple new Silent Hill games in the works. Konami about two years ago reached out to various developers to pitch ideas for two Silent Hill games, one a soft-reboot of the franchise, the other an episodic TellTale/Until Dawn-style game to go alongside the reboot. I don’t know anything more than that though, but I sure do hope Konami’s given it the appropriate budget and found the right developer to make those games succeed.

AestheticGamer is known for notable leaks in the past, where they talked about Project Resistance being a part of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Considering that the Silent Hill series has a big fan following, Konami could be working on reviving the series after a long hiatus.

The last game in the series was released 11 years ago back in 2009. However, we almost got a game from the series directed by Hideo Kojima back in 2014. But that was soon canceled by Konami and followed the departure of Kojima from Konami. The cancellation and the departure of Kojima paved the way for the development of Death Stranding and its release last year.

The Silent Hill series was originally created by Keiichiro Toyama and was released back in 1999 for PlayStation and PC. The original game sold many millions of copies and captured many fans of the horror genre.

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