Konami Producer wants Cygames to Co-Create a New Zone of the Enders Game

Zone of the Enders

In an interview to Siliconera, Konami and Cygames have shown interest in creating a new Zone of the Enders game. Kenichi Kondo from Cygames and Noriaki Okamura producer at Konami stated that the sales of the PS4 and PC remastered version of the game will dictate if Konami will go ahead in making another title in the series.

Zone of the Enders is a video game franchise created by Hideo Kojima and Konami. The original game was released for the Playstation 2, but later sequels were also created to progress the story.

Zone of the Enders

Kenichi Kondo stated, “Of course, we, as a company, would like to make a completely new game. We’re talking to Konami about doing a sequel if Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – MARS sells well and gets good reviews, so we would be most grateful if you guys buy the game.”

While Noriaki Okamura added ,” Personally speaking, if we were to do a new game, then I’d want Cygames to be the ones to make it.”

ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS, which is the remastered version released for the Playstation 4 and PC on September 4, came with VR support which was its biggest appeal.

Zone of the Enders

When asked if the next game will have VR if developed Kenichi added,” For this title we’re about to release, I believe that was in demand from the fans, but I also believe that once it comes out we’ll get a much better understanding of what the fans want. From there we’ll likely take another look and talk about what we can do for the next game.

And I’m only saying this because I seriously want to make a new game, but if there isn’t a problem about giving the wrong impression on what I want to make, then I believe we’ll do VR. However, should the VR hamper the high-speed battle, then we would make a different decision.”


The remastered version; ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS is available for Playstation 4 and PC, if you are interested to get your hands on the game. The Modes and features are as follow:

  • Optional “Pro Mode” controller setup allows for faster selection of sub-weapons to help engage in rapid-fire combat
  • “Very Easy” difficulty setting offers an alternative option for players who wish to enjoy the cinematic experience of the game’s story or are new to VR
  • Various training modules and a mini-map
  • Additional VR content for an even more captivating experience:
  • 3D Hangar: Interact with Jehuty in VR
  • 3D Model Viewer: Explore various refined 3D models in full 360 degrees
  • Cinematic Theater: After completing the game, unlock the ability to re-watch any story sequence with the option to view cut-scenes in full VR

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