Klabater Set to Showcase Two Titles at PAX East 2020

Klabater Pax East

Klabater is going to showcase two titles at this month’s Pax East event in Boston. The Polish game publisher will be bringing two narrative-driven upcoming titles that are Skyhill: Black Mist and Help Will Come Tomorrow.

You can go over to Klabater’s booth #24071 in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to get your hands on the demos for both the games. Klabater has also announced that both the games will be launching later this year.

In Skyhill: Black Mist, a sequel to Mandragora Games’ hit Point’n’Survive game of the same name, players will explore the ruins of a complex created by Skyhill, Inc. a shady biotech company. After awakening in the midst of a black mist that has poisoned and corrupted the occupants of the building; turning them into strange creatures that stalk its halls. You become infected as well and must fight, sneak, and scavenge to survive. The game’s non-linear environment contains tools you can use to distract, ambush, or fight the beasts that were once human.

Klabater Pax East

Help Will Come Tomorrow may also teach you of the beasts that people can become. Set in the historical Russian year of 1917, a small contingent of survivors of a train crash on the legendary Transiberian Railroad, your main foe will be the unforgiving Russian winter. Starvation and the elements will draw out deeply seated divisions of class across the handful of passengers that escaped the wreckage. The shadow of the October Revolution will loom over the party as they learn what it will cost to survive the inhospitable tundra.

Both the titles are being published by Klabator and are planned for a release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We expect the titles to initially release for PC as both of them have their respective game pages on Steam.

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