Kingdom – Two Crowns ‘Shogun’ Trailer Released for Nintendo Switch

Kingdom - Two Crowns

Raw Fury has finally released a new trailer for Kingdom – Two Crowns Shogun trailer in which the release date of the title is revealed as well. It turns out that the Kingdom – Two Crowns will arrive on Nintendo Switch on December 11, 2018.

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer of the game shows a brand new setting for the game which is the Japanese themed Shogun. Kingdom – Two Crowns will have two settings instead of one. The second setting of the game has not been revealed at the moment. Each of the locations will come with own unique characters, mysteries and strategies for completing them.

The Japanese setting will complement the medieval setting the game is famous for and the developers are also planning to introduce new settings to the game after launch. This is the first time that Raw Fury will add more settings to the game once it has been launched.

The developers will also introduce a new death mechanic for players who do not want to play with the perma-death enabled. As for normal players, the new game along with the Shogun setting will further make perma-death feature better. For the other death setting, the developer’s say that

death will still be your best teacher but you won’t be punished as severely as before

Another new thing coming in Kingdom – Two Crowns is the local co-op. Online mode is currently under consideration for the Nintendo Switch version but local co-cop will be included in the game right at launch.

The developers have also not forgotten their series veterans. For the veterans, the developers promise that there will be plenty of mysteries for them to solve. For newcomers, the game will set an excellent pace and they will be introduced to the beautiful aesthetic world of Kingdom Two Crowns with its simple yet brilliant strategic depth.

Kingdom – Two Crowns will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 11, 2018.

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