JetX Space Edition Now Available on Steam, Free for Existing Owners

JetX Space Edition

The special version JetX Space Edition of the original title JetX released earlier by Singularity Labs and FIBRUM is now available on Steam. To celebrate its launch, JetX Space Edition is 20% off for the entire first week after its release. This special version includes all content of the base VR-version as well as the brand new grand update that JetX VR users received recently.

JetX Space Edition is an ambitious arena-shooter game which can be played with or without VR. The game also supports cross-platform multiplayer support between PC and VR so players who play on both systems can duke it out together. The game features a multitude of modes to try out and with the recent Grand Update, some new modes have also arrived for players to try out in JetX VR.

The first new mode to arrive in the game is ‘Free For All’. In this mode, the map is a playground for all players. Players can join the game at any time and leave at any time without any negative impact on their profile. This mode is excellent for players who want to jump in for some quick action or want to simply have fun with their friends.

The second new mode added to the game is Ghost Racing which allows players to race with their friends or online against a ghost. This is a party racing mode and it is great for friends to have some fun together. Along with these modes, you will also find the normal racing modes along with the battle modes where you can use powerful weapons and try to be the last one standing.

Check out the trailer below.

According to the official press release, JetX comes with the following features:

  • Hair raising PvP-battles
  • Advanced battle system
  • A large number of arenas and tracks
  • Intelligent bots designed to challenge and push you to your limits. Our bots are not to be underestimated!
  • Multiple weapons and power-ups: master your playstyle!
  • Various game modes such as Race, Arena, Boss Battle, Energy Core, and more to come!
  • Live leaderboard: Veni, Vidi, Vici!

JetX Space Edition is now available on Steam. Existing JetX VR users will get it for free.

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