Review: IXION– Beautiful Sound Design and Mechanics Topped with a Brilliant Story

Review IXION

IXION is a space city-building, space survival game developed by Bulwark Studios. I got a review copy of the game running on PC, where I got to experience a one-of-a-kind game that is packed with a good story, content, and satisfying game mechanics. Designed specifically to cater to fans that love a space-style city-building/farming game, it is set on Tiqqun, a space station where the player is tasked to research and grow in numbers before heading out to Proxima Centauri in search of a new home.

IXION is in no way an easy game where you will be met with plenty of challenges and unexpected surprises that can question the survival of the station. For novice players that are new to city-building or strategy games such as IXION, you have the option to choose a more relaxed difficulty setting that takes it easy on new players getting the hang of it. For players that are more seasoned to strategy games and love to face a challenge or two, or maybe even three, the game offers tougher difficulty options right from the start.

Review IXION

The opening cinematic scene sets the bar pretty high right from the get-go. The opening scene is so beautifully done that it will excite the player to get into the action as the space rocket readies itself to launch to the Tiqqun space station. The pre-flight checks and the build-up to the launch were slightly reminiscent of Nasa’s Space Shuttle launch days, which for me was a nice touch. The approach and brief introduction of the game mechanics as you step into the space station is quite helpful and provide a small backstory about the space station, your role as the leader, and what you need to do in order to proceed in the mission.

With a really well-detailed tutorial that was really helpful for me, I quickly got introduced to how to get things running and functional. This meant building structures, and roads, collecting materials, exploring outside the ship, and plenty more tasks. On the other hand, the two biggest challenges that I faced in the gameplay were maintaining the morale of the crew, while the other was fixing hull damage that would otherwise rip the whole space station apart. Furthermore, the game mechanics are quite forgiving when it comes to building and the cost of resources. For example, buildings can be broken down if you want the resources back or want to shift somewhere else, while roads don’t cost you anything. If things do get out of control, it isn’t an instant end to your game, but it will force the player to look for a solution and work out a strategy.

Review IXION

IXION’s visual integrity is one of its distinguishing features. The game’s graphics are realistic, transporting players to a brilliantly detailed intergalactic playground. IXION never ceases to amaze, from the sparkling brilliance of distant stars to the hauntingly stunning space panoramas. The attention to detail is exceptional, with meticulously constructed surroundings that evoke awe and curiosity. The interior design and the intricate architecture talks show the attention to detail that the developer has worked on. Additionally, the beautiful cinematic presentation that seamlessly transitions between gameplay and cinematic sequences is the cherry on top, inducing a sense of wonder and exploration.

As for the game’s sound design, it is nothing short of brilliant as it is crafted to immerse you into the vastness of space. The sound design is exceptionally tied to the mechanics of the game. The clear use of audio cues that alert you of imminent threats and danger prepares you for the challenge that you are about to face. The subtle audio cues not only warn you of what is to come but also add to the tension as you are teetering close to panicking and trying to look for a solution. The voice acting is pretty decent as well, as the characters are brought to life with good voice performances that deliver dialogue that is convincing and immersive for the player and the game’s narrative.

Final Verdict:

IXION is a fantastic space survival strategy game with a mix of city-building/farming elements that offers a challenging yet addictive gameplay. The game is meticulously well-designed and its functions work as expected. Its strong points are the game’s visual, sound design and cinematics, story, and gameplay mechanics that work as you would expect. IXION offers a balance of difficulty for both veterans and newcomers who aren’t even familiar with such strategy games. The game challenges the player with tense situations and forces them to think of a solution before things get chaotic and out of control. I would consider Ixion as a highly recommended game that you can try right now on Steam.

Final Verdict: 9.0/10

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