Iron Man VR Will Feature Big, Open Environments for you to Fly Around

Iron Man VR Environments

Iron Man VR is right around the corner and the developer of the game Camouflaj has released a lot of new details about Tony Stark’s upcoming adventure. Director, Ryan Payton has shared these brand new details about Iron Man VR in an official blog post over at PlayStation Blog detailing the open-world environments of the game along with some of the combat moves and Tony’s Garage and Armor Station featured in the game.

As revealed by Tony in the new blog post, the initial campaign time was estimated at around 4- 5 hours however since some recent tests, the playtime has nearly doubled which means that we will have plenty of Iron Man action on our hands when the game comes out later this month. During the main campaign of the title, we will be flying over some of the most iconic environments from the franchise such as SHIELD Helicarrier, Shanghai, and an abandoned Stark Facility with plenty more locations featured in the full release of Iron Man VR.

Since Iron Man VR is all about flying around at top speed, the developers have ensured that these levels are big and offer plenty of space for you to fly around. The game’s engine also ensures that all textures are streamed just in time while keeping the Iron Man’s super-speed in check. This was a difficult process but the developers of the game have managed to push it just fine. Combat is yet another mechanic where the game really outshines.

As Iron Man, you will be able to dish out pain on your enemies via various moves and fly around them using different advanced flying mechanics. Your suit comes with a boost which will allow you to fly around at full speeds while using the Rocket Punch to pick enemies off, begin with a three punch combo, and finishing it with a Repulsor Blast or different auxiliary weapons. The game features a healthy amount of weapons that can be purchased at the Armor Station by spending your Research Points.

While flying high in the sky, if you spot a group of enemies gathering on the ground for some mischief, you can descend on them with your full fury and take them out with a mighty Ground Pound. This is however a precision-based attack so you will need a little bit of practice to become good at it. You also have the ever-so-trusty Unibeam, which when fully charged, unleashes a powerful beam attack from Iron Man’s chest however it also requires perfect timing and aim in order to qualify as an effective weapon in your arsenal.

All of this can be tweaked and adjusted while you are back at Tony’s garage or the Armor Station. You will have a large variety of augments and auxiliary weapons to equip on your Impulse Armor. You also have plenty of other activities at Tony’s garage such as calling Pepper, doing a workout, and listen to fictional podcasts. You will find many of the iconic characters in the game from the Iron Man franchise.

Previously, the developer shared some Iron Man VR flight mechanics so if you need some more information on the game, make sure that you check it out. Iron Man VR is slated for release on July 3, 2020, exclusively on PS VR and will be playable on the PS4 console.

Are you looking forward to flying around as Iron Man in Iron Man VR when it comes out later this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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