Intellivision Company To Launch Amico Console With Exclusive Games – Expected Release 2020

Intellivision Amico Console

Intellivision Entertainment company has announced that they will make Intellivision Amico console. The console will have some exclusive games and it will be family friendly console.

The initial release date that the company has provided for Intellivision Amico is October 2020 for North America and Canada. The console will cost about $150 – $180 USD, according to company.

Since the console will be family friendly, all of the games will be rated E for Everyone or 10+ age. We can imagine if the rating is E, then the exclusive games maybe more oriented for younger siblings in your home.

Here is what Intellivision President Tommy Tallarico has said about the console:

We are creating a console that parents WANT to buy, not that they were asked to buy …Most every game being made for the home consoles these days is created with only the hardcore gamer in mind. We see a world where everyone is interested in playing at home and with friends.

Check out the official reveal trailer of Intellivision Amico console here.

So far so good, the company has mentioned that all the games of Intellivision Amico will cost an average of $3 to $8. There will be no post-launch content, no downloadable contents or any sort if in-game purchases.

Here are few concept images of Intellivision Amico Console

Intellivision Amico Console Intellivision Amico Console Intellivision Amico Console Intellivision Amico Console

Regarding the launch titles, Intellivision Entertainment company said that the console will come out with some 20 games pre-installed already. All the 20 pre-installed games will be mix of classics and new titles. There will be an online store with the name of Intellivision Online Store and games will be available from there.


There is no information provided by the company on what sort of hardware we will see. However, it is said that the console will have 2D Image Processing and Graphics Capability, WiFi and ethernet connectivity, HDMI video output, multiple USB ports, and a “system expansion” interface.

Online Store and Multiplayer

The online aspect will be its Intellivision Online Store, the multiplayer mode with leaderboard like rankings and a system very much like trophy / achievement.

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