Intellivision Amico VIP Edition Pre-Orders Starting Tomorrow, Will Launch with 6 Built-In Titles

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The Intellivision Amico family system entertainment is releasing this fall on October 10, 2020, and Intellivision has announced that the console will now launch with six pre-loaded titles. Originally, five titles were announced however now the console will launch with six pre-loaded titles. Intellivision has also announced that VIP Edition pre-orders of Intellivision Amico are also starting tomorrow.

In a brand new trailer, the developer has officially revealed all five games as well. The sixth game will be revealed in the coming months. According to the official press release, the five games are detailed as follows:

  • SKIING – Watch out for trees, logs, big cliff jumps, icy ground, avalanches and – of course – the hidden Yeti!. Up to eight players can compete for the best times against each other on ten different slopes or up to four players can battle it out at the same time in Ski Cross mode!
  • SHARK! SHARK! – So much ocean to explore! Play the reimagined version of Shark! Shark! on Amico in single player, co-op or versus mode. Everyone in the family will enjoy this game, no matter what age or skill level.
  • ASTROSMASH – One of the first and most popular original Intellivision games! In the new Amico version you can play cooperatively with each other or against each other in versus mode.
  • CORNHOLE – The very first home console version of this popular and growing sport takes full advantage of Amico´s motion control and touch screen features! Hundreds of unlockables and so many different challenges, skill levels, and ways to play with family & friends (or even single player if you’d like).
  • FARKLE – Such a unique experience! You’ll be able to see and shake dice on your controller, then toss them up onto the screen when it’s your turn! Classic family entertainment for up to 8 players with individual sets of rules.

The Founder’s Edition of the console is already sold out hence the VIP Edition is now giving fans of the console to get their hands on two brand new versions of the console. Fans who missed the console first time around can now secure their console in two brand new limited-edition versions of the console. Graphite Black and Glacier White consoles will be part of the VIP Edition pre-order for $249 while fans can get their hands on the Vintage Woodgrain as well for $279.

The VIP Edition pre-orders will include the desired color console along with two wireless Bluetooth, color touchscreen controllers, and six installed games. Players will also get a $25 RFID Amico digital game store gift card along with a 25% off online merchandise store discount code. A lenticular Running Man trading card signed by Tommy Tallarico and three digital soundtrack albums are also included in the VIP Edition pre-order.

Tommy Tallarico, CEO and Amico creator said:

Given the current market conditions, we understand it may be difficult to find entertainment products later this year and we want to give our most loyal followers an invitation to secure their very own Amico.

You can check out the new reveal trailer for all five games included in Intellivision Amico below:

Hans Ippisch, President of European Operations said:

By increasing the number of pack-in games from five to six we further enhance the incredible value of our Intellivision Amico family entertainment system. With two controllers already in the package and the ability to use a smartphone as a controller (thanks to a free downloadable app) up to eight players can get straight into the fun right after turning on the machine for the first time.

The Intellivision Amico VIP Edition pre-orders will go live tomorrow and you can check out the official site for more details. To ensure that you secure your console in your favorite color, you can subscribe to the news list to get notified as soon as the pre-orders go live to secure your console with a $100 refundable deposit.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the upcoming Intellivision Amico console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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