INDIE Live Expo Teases Its Summer Lineup of More Than 300 Titles

INDIE Live Expo is the biannual live digital showcase connecting indie game fans all over the world and it has teased its summer lineup which features more than 300 titles. Apart from showcasing the gaming lineup, INDIE Live Expo is also calling simulcasters to take part in the two-day extravaganza on May 20, 2023, and May 21, 2023, at 3:00 AM PDT. Over the course of two days, INDIE Live Expo will announce over 300 indie games from some of the best indie game developers and publishers.

INDIE Live Expo’s first day of content will shine a digital spotlight on the world of indie games with a plethora of new and updates games across a variety of show segments. It will be broadcasted simultaneously in English, Japanese, and Chinese on different platforms in the form of bite-sized chunks of content during the rapid-fire ‘INDIE Waves’ segment. The second day of the event will include festivities dubbed ‘THE AFTERSHOW’ with let’s plays of select titles from the first day’s reveals.

INDIE Live Expo Summer

Among the many, will be the likes of WSS Playground (Needy Streamer Overload) and Odencat (Meg’s Monsters), and the event will also give updates for games like Glaciered, Omega Crafter, Heart of the Machine, BOKURA, Let Bions By Bygones, From Madness with Love and many others. Ryuta Konuma, Founder, Ryu’s Office comments:

With over 300 indies selected for this summer’s show, this is just a glimpse of the games we have to share. The two-day celebration is almost upon us, and we look forward to collaborating with familiar content creators from previous years as well as new simulcasters for this summer’s showcase!

You can tune in to the English broadcasts by a talented trio of bilingual streamers including gaming content creator High Tension Gaijin ‘HighGai’ alongside returning INDIE Live Expo veterans, streamer and MC Kaori ‘Kaotan’ Horiuchi’ (Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome) and indie game streamer J-mon. Content Creators from all over the world are invited to join the festivities of the event and they are free to broadcast the event as an official live simulcast partner. Lovers of indie games who stream games on any platform are welcome to stream the two-day event in the language of their choice. Interested streamers can fill out the application form and submit it.

INDIE Live Expo is taking place Saturday, Mary 20, 2023 and Sunday, May 21, 2023, and it will start at 3:00 PDT each day and will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter, and bilibili in Japanese, English, and Chinese. If you are interested in watching the INDIE Live Expo Winter 2022, we have linked the two-event coverage below for you. It featured over 200 games.

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Are you looking forward to watching this month’s INDIE Live Expo and which games are you expecting to see featured during its Summer lineup? Let us know in the comments section below.

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