Recruit Alien Robots and Defend Your Planet in Indie Game Infinite Abyss

Infinite Abyss

Polish indie developer Seven-Arm-Octopus has revealed their brand new project Infinite Abyss slated for release on PC. Infinite Abyss is a dynamic action game that combines strategic elements in the mix. The game allows players to expand their operations on their planet, recruit alien robots and defend the planet from invading enemies from space.

To ensure that players have enough resources, they will need to explore the planet and collect as many resources as possible. These resources are vital for the development of the planet as well as refueling all the machines. Collecting resources is not as simple as simply walking over them to collect them. You will need to transport back to your base before you can actually use them in various operations.

Infinite Abyss

You will heavily depend on your helpers, the robots in the game for your survival. The player cannot expect to develop the planet on their own so they will need the help of these robots to collect resources, expand their base and defend it from the invading enemies. Players will have a large number of machines and structures at their disposal to ensure their own survival. Each machine and structure will serve a unique purpose on the planet and as time passes by, enemies will get tougher and tougher.

Seven-Arm-Octopus is a small indie development team based in Poland and consists of three people Laura Wisniewska, Marcin Meller and Krystian Matelski. Their first project is Infinite Abyss whose idea came to their minds 2 years ago when they were still high school students. The development team has experience in IT and games and is pretty optimistic about their future and their first project Infinite Abyss.

A Steam page for Infinite Abyss is now live and you can add the game to your wishlist by heading to the page. A release window or date has not been revealed by the developer yet however we will update you when we get to know of a release date. Initially, Infinite Abyss will only release on PC via Steam however the developer is also considering more platforms for the future.

Infinite Abyss

Let us know in the comments section below about whether or not you would like to play Infinite Abyss when it comes out.

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