In Other Waters Allows You to Explore an Alien Ocean and Discover Life

Review: In Other Waters

Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age have announced that their brand new title In Other Waters allows players to explore an alien ocean and discover life in it. In Other Worlds is a unique narrative adventure in which you step in the shoes of an AI assistant and explore the depths of a turquoise alien ocean as you reveal the mysteries. The game will be released for PC, Nintendo Switch and Mac.

The human race has exhausted the earth of its resources and is now expanding to alien worlds in order to find new resources and ensuring their own survival. At this critical time in human history, you follow the story of Ellery Vas who is a xenobiologist and discovers extraterrestrial life while searching for her missing partner.

She is invited to planet Gliese 677Cc by Minae Nomura but she arrives to find an abandoned base and adrift in an ocean of secrets. She is equipped with nothing more than a malfunctioning diving suit and a strange AI to guide her. You play In Other Waters as this very AI who must guide Ellery through this strange, alien ocean.

Check out the cinematic reveal trailer of In Other Waters below:

In Other Waters is a sci-fi game but does not involve any soldiers or violence. It focuses on wonder, fear, exploration and vulnerability and the relationship between a long-dormant AI and its human pilot. As you play the story, the relationship between the AI and the operator unfolds over an impactful narrative interpreted by the player.

Key features of In Other Waters include:

  • Explore an Alien Ocean – Move freely in each location, discovering new areas off the beaten path. These discoveries will lead to upgrades that in turn unlock new areas in previously visited locations, additional side-quests, and unique conversations with Ellery.
  • See the World Through an AI Lens – Navigate a complex, intuitive UI via touch or mouse controls. Interact with the world through observation, scanning, taking samples, studying creatures and affecting their behavior.
  • Observe Your Surroundings – While on dives, scan locations for points of interest and request Ellery visit them. Scans reveal clues, creatures, objects, and features to investigate.
  • Study Samples to Unlock Secrets – Sample creatures for materials and analyze them to understand how they are useful. Samples allow you to interact with the planet’s ecosystem. Deploy samples to solve puzzles, unlock new areas, scare off predators and feed grazers. Find and install upgrades to dive deeper into the ocean, and find answers.
  • Build Trust with Ellery – Fail to keep her oxygen levels healthy, and you’ll damage your relationship. Lose power and your dive will be cut short. Even your conversations can encourage intimacy, despite your answers being limited to yes or no.

In Other Worlds is slated for release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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