Immortals Fenyx Rising ‘The Lost Gods’ DLC Brings Top-Down Gameplay, Free Demo

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods

The final narrative DLC for Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods has arrived and it brings a brand-new perspective to play the game. Along with the release of the final DLC, Ubisoft has also released a free demo for Immortals Fenyx Rising currently available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Stadia for players who want to try the game before making the final purchase.

Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods is the final post-launch DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising and it brings a unique top-down gameplay experience for players. Along with the top-down view, the combat also switches to brawler-style for a completely unique experience. The DLC sees Fenyx as a god and when disaster strikes, Fenyx chooses a new hero to restore balance on Earth and reunite the lost gods.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Lost Gods

The DLC is set in a new place called Pyrite Island and the new hero is called Ash. Ash is an enthusiastic mortal who is tasked with convincing Poseidon, Hades, and all the other gods of the game to return to the pantheon. The DLC will also introduce new gods and monsters, new regions filled with challenges and secrets, and challenging new enemies to take down. For further progression, players will also get access to new powerful upgrades, specialized bonuses, and unique fighting styles.

Two brand-new abilities are also part of the new DLC:

  • Catastrophe Quake: A powerful stomp that knocks down the enemies around Ash.
  • Nature’s Fury: An energy beam that damages anything that crosses its path, increasing its damage over time.

Check out the launch trailer of Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods below:

The Lost Gods is part of Immortals Fenyx Rising Season Pass however it can also be purchased separately for $14.99. The free demo also features a unique mission build exclusively for the demo where Fenyx must discover the mysterious secret of the cyclops. Players can now earn in-game rewards by inviting friends to purchase the game through the Friend Referral Program. If they end up purchasing the game, they will get a special Frozen Weapons Pack.

With the launch of the final DLC, Ubisoft has officially wrapped up content for Immortals Fenyx Rising. Make sure that you check out our review of Immortals Fenyx Rising and if you are still playing the game, check out our guides for the game as well.

Are you planning to jump back in Immortals Fenyx Rising to try out the new DLC The Lost Gods? Let us know in the comments section below.

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