Hunting Simulator 2 Trailer Features Hunting Dog Companion

Hunting Simulator 2 Animal Species

French publisher Nacon has just released a new trailer of Hunting Simulator 2 featuring the hunting dog as your companion in the hunts. The trailer comes with more details as the game is gearing up for a release next month in June.

The new trailer for Hunting Simulator 2 highlights a highly anticipated gameplay element that was previously teased. The hunting dog will accompany you in the game, as this is the first time in a long while that a hunting dog has been featured in a hunting simulation game.

Check out the trailer below:

Developed by Neopica, Hunting Simulator 2 is far from just going on a straightforward hunt and shoot some animals. Finding game in the vast environments featured in Hunting Simulator 2 is not always easy. Just like in real life, players will need to be patient and pay special attention to the different clues found in the environment to locate and follow the tracks left by animals. For this crucial part of a successful hunt, players can now call on their faithful hunting companion for help.

AS for the hunting dog, the game will offer three dog breeds for you to choose from. Each breed comes with specific characteristics and skills that players will need to learn to use effectively. Beagle, Labrador Retriever, or German Shorthaired Pointer: choose the ideal companion to achieve your goals.

Hunting Simulator features 6 open world areas for you to explore, which include the wild plains of Colorado, the Texan desert, and the lush majestic forests of Europe. Each of the areas will contain several different species of animals that you must study and track to reach your hunting goals.

There are 33 different species of animals that all range from small to large animals, along with some fearsome predators. In addition, each of the species will have both the male and female genders of different ages, along with their offspring if they have any.

Hunting Simulator 2 will be available in North America on June 25, 2020 for PC and June 30 for PS4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version will be available at a later date. Post your comments below.

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