Hunting Simulator 2 will Feature 33 Diverse Animal Species for you to Hunt

Hunting Simulator 2 Animal Species

NACON has revealed a brand-new video of their upcoming game Hunting Simulator 2 that features the diverse animal species featured in the game. Hunting Simulator 2 will feature a diverse variety of animal species for you to find and hunt. Each of these species will be unique in terms of their locations, hangout spots, behaviors, and lifestyles and you will be required to carefully observe them all in order to bring home the best hunt possible.

According to the new developer update, NACON has emphasized that the development put special emphasis on the game’s environments this time around to ensure that players get to experience the most immersive hunting game ever. You will explore 6 unique hunting reserves where you will get to find and hunt 33 animal species in their natural habitats. All of these animal species have been faithfully recreated as close to their original real-world counterparts will a specially designed AI.

These animals range from small game to big hunt to waterfowls to predators. To further add diversity to each of these animal species, you will encounter juveniles, adults, and older animals. Each animal in the game will have its own specific look and body shape. Animals who come with horns or antlers have around 150 unique designs of horns and antlers so that every animal you see in the game has a unique look and you are easily able to identify them. Each of these species can only be found in their natural habitats.

For getting special and trophies, you will be required to explore all the different environments each level has to offer. Some of the animals will move in groups in the game so you will be required to practice extra caution while approaching groups of animals. Even if one member of the group smells, hears, or sees you, the whole herd or pack will be alerted, and you will lose your chance of a decent hunt. Each of the animals also has a routine in the game according to different times of the day so you might find them hunting, drinking water at water ponds, roaming around, or resting depending on the time of the day.

Each of the species will also react differently to your presence in the game. Some of the animals such as the big-horned sheep will instantly flee upon seeing you however deer with remain frozen for some time and then flee. This highly advanced AI system will require you to be on top of your hunting game in order to successfully stalk prey and take it down. The final approach will eventually depend on your own playstyle.

Previously the developer detailed the role of your very own hunting dog in the game along with different hunting gear brands featured in the game. Hunter Simulator 2 is slated for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 30, 2020, and July 16, 2020, respectively. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned for a later release.

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