Hunt Showdown Early Access Coming to Xbox Game Preview

Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown is coming to Xbox One in Xbox game preview. The game is currently in early access phase on Steam Platform. A recent trailer showcased at Gamescom suggests that Hunt Showdown will make its way to Xbox One console.

The trailer does not mention any release date for Hunt Showdown to come on Xbox game preview. We expect it to come before the end of this year. In case you missed the trailer, check here.

Hunt Showdown is a horror theme, first person survival shooter genre with PVP and PVE elements combined. The maps in the game are full of chaotic beasts, disfigured and gross enemy AI, all of them are your targets. Players take control of bounty hunters. Each hunter comes with different set of skills and equipment. Your role is to track down the clues and take out the boss in the map, loot the carcass and sell it on profit, just like hunters are supposed to do.

The game mixes PVP and PVE elements. In a single mission there will be enemy AI along with five teams of two hunters who will try to kill you. All the bounty hunters in the map are tasked to kill the boss and run away safely to claim the rewards. You instantly become a bounty for other hunters, once you kill the boss. Flee with lot and game will reward you, at the same time if you fail to do so and die, your character and gear will be lost.

In Hunt Showdown, you can do better only if you rinse and repeat the whole process. You will earn in-game rewards on mission completion. Your character and gear will remain with you upon successful hunt.

Currently, the game suffers few flaws on PC. The game needs optimization as top tier graphics cards like GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti struggle on 4K for 60fps target. The game also has limited content. Currently, there are only two bosses to hunt down. However, the game has solid potential.

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