How to Get Coal in Palworld – Use, How to Farm

Palworld Coal

To craft some advanced recipes like advanced weaponry and high-tier spheres in Palworld, you will need advanced resources like carbon fiber and refined metal. These advanced resources will need a lot of coal so it is vital that you know where you can get coal and also farm it to avoid any coal shortages for your crafting needs. This Palworld Coal Guide will help you in obtaining coal and also detail some good areas to farm coal for all your crafting requirements.

How to Get Coal in Palworld

With it being a ‘deposit’ resource, you will need to find coal deposits and use your pickaxe to find coal. Once it has been mined, you will need to pick it up or your Pals will need to bring it back to a storage chest as well. Since the requirement for coal does not really come up until you have progressed in the game a good chunk, you do not need to look for it right away when you start playing the game.

The very first time you will come across some coal deposits will be either the desert biome in the center of the map or the Verdant Brook which is located on the south of the snowy mountains. Depending on which path you take after defeating the first tower boss, you will either arrive in the desert or near the snowy mountains. Check out the map below for these two locations:

Palworld Coal

Both these locations have multiple coal deposits so you can explore these locations and find coal. In addition to this, there are four prime coal deposit locations here that will have multiple coal deposits at the same spot which will allow you to farm coal easily.

How to Farm Coal in Palworld

Starting with two spots in Verdant Brook, the first spot is located at coordinates (290, -20) while the second one is located at (189, -40). Both of these locations have plenty of coal for you to farm and what is even better is that both locations have multiple ore locations close to them as well which can be used for farming ore and coal at the same time. Build a Palbox here with a chest and lay down some Pals to start mining coal and ore at the same time and you will have a prime farming location.

Palworld Coal

Next, if you are heading to the desert first, it has two great locations for farming coal as well. Find yourself a flying mount and head to (-97, -120), or make your way to the coordinates (-157, -92) to get some coal from here instead. There are no ore locations here but you can easily set up coal farming in these locations for a steady supply of coal.

That is all for this guide. For other resources, make sure to check out our guides on how to get ore, Ancient Civilization Points, wheat seeds, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Sulfur. If you are just starting to play the game, make sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide as well.

That is all for this Palworld Coal Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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